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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Ninlil has done a great job of spreading the word. She was the first person I was following on twitter who was "RTing" what was going on during the elections. I look forward to seeing how many human souls believe in truth and peace today. - Decimal Zsun


The quote you placed on there was actually from the notecard, and not written by me. Although I support freedom of religion, I would not feel enhanced by wearing a veil as it goes against my feminist beliefs. I will be staying outside out of respect for the religion. Thank you so much for covering this important issue.

Hamlet Au

Thanks Nimil -- for correction, who wrote the original notecard if not you?


It was a collaborative group chat effort in the Support Iran group. I just went in and started putting all the information in the same place as we were talking about what to do. I believe a good portion of that was also copied by members of the group from Alhambra's signage outside their mosque.

It was last minute and chaotic, and I felt the best way to help was to start noting all the information we had so far to send out to people. I hope it works. I'm nervous. Heh.

I want to make sure to give credit to the many people in the group who shared their ideas as we collaborated on this. Despite our inability to send out group notices as the group owner is MIA, we were still able to organize.

Laraa Short

There are more events planned, and yet to be planned.

Vigil for the Iranian People
June 25th Thursday
1st One - 2:00PM SLT
2nd One - 7:00PM SLT


Laraa Short

The vigil lasted about 90-100 minutes, was EXTREMELY peaceful, and about 36-40 people are believed to have showed. :)


Compassion born from oil. Or from ignorance?

Btw soon the so called 'modern world' will be shaped by these people that you are trying to help. You, in the US of A get your share with the Mexicans (where are they now? around 40 million? 50? I know Miami is a nice Mexican city now) and we in the EU get our shares with the immigrants.

French becomes muslim (lol @ the 'french' girls who wear chador in their classes), GB is crowded with Pakistani/Indian people, ah and Germany... they are already Turkish. (Not to mention that India and China has a GDP growth of 8-10%...)

It's just the change of the world, it's quite natural, actually there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong in that 'modern people' does not have family (http://www.darndivorce.com/divorce-rates-around-the-world/ --> USA, Sweden etc. has a divorce rate of 55pct) they are all such great individuals ('artists'...) so they just become extinct, as they simply forgot the principles of life.

And when the above mentioned 'not-so modern' people step up from being a minority then there comes a culture shock and who knows maybe even a war of cultures on a bigger level. (See riots in Paris a few years ago...)

And you know, this is happening right now on your level. You are faking support for people whose culture you simply do not know. Do you think the people of Xerxes needs some hypocrite (with guns) to _help_ them??

Because on the big boys' level it's just another good reason/catalyst to use the guns so more can be made for even more profit.

At least a few times a year you should read the 'other side' too (see pravda.ru) and you would realize that the OTHER side of the world thinks that this 'revolution' is ignited by the 'West' who's getting hungrier for oil day by day.
(Of course, the other side would want the oil too...)

You see? There are several problems that needs solving, I know yours number 1 now to grab Iran's oil, but the actual ones are to solve the economical dilemma to balance the world's resources _equally_ between people almost like a Global communism.

But since this is against the very core of every human's soul (that are driven by EGO), we need a mechanism that turns this built-in greed instinct into a vessel for producing the fine balance of a self-preserving humanity.

Tricking ourselves to do something (on a global level) by our very own nature to produce a result that is AGAINST our selfish interests... this... might even be a bigger problem than building a perpetuum mobile or understanding our very own existence.

Until then leave the persians alone. At least here.

Julia Banshee

@Anonymus-Not (you mispelled Anonymous-Nut, btw): I'm conflicted. I'm not sure which is the greater marvel, that you managed to ramble on that long (making the amazing thing how long your post is), or that you managed to squeeze so many confused notions, absurd inferences, and utterly illogical thinking into it (making the amazing thing how relatively brief it is -- it's amazing how you can get *that* much wrong in that few words). It's an impressive display of ignorance in any case.

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