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Thursday, July 09, 2009


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Julia Banshee

Oh! I thought it was just me! Yes, I can't read NWN in Chrome, I have to switch browsers to read it. Same error.

Kittenanne Mousehold

Hmmm...I can read NWN with Google Chrome. I don't know if this is because I viewed the site with Firefox first or not.

Erbo Evans

I have Chrome ( installed in a VirtualBox running Windows XP Pro SP3. I was able to bring up NWN fine; in fact, this comment is being posted from Chrome.

Odysseus Fairlymeadow

I have been reading NWN in Chrome for some time now without any major issues.

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET usually indicates that the webserver unexpectedly hung up in the middle of the conversation, so there may be something weird going on over there. Using a diagnostic tool like Fiddler may help track down the problem.

Adric Antfarm

Same thing in Mosaic. Weird.

Galatea Gynoid

Yeah, the problem is clearly conditional, but I have no idea what the conditions are. I used to read this blog with Chrome just fine. Then one day, while I was trying to preview a comment I wanted to post, I got the "connection reset" error. Ever since then, I can't even view the home page using Chrome, unless in an incognito window. That makes me suspect it has something to do with my cookies.

Neptune Rebel

I can see it in Chrome just fine. I've never had a problem.


I can read NWN with Chrome no problem. I ahrdly use any other browser these days. I can also read Terra Nova without a problem. I usually read both sites via RSS in Google reader, but made the trip to the site especially to check.

Gianna Borgnine

I use Chrome and can view NWN and Terranova just fine every time.


Yes I can see you in chrome...nice work on the blog

IronGut McCallister

I have Chrome running on both of my laptops & NWN looks fine on both. One is and the other is I also checked with version (15300) of the Iron browser (based on Chromium, see: http://maketecheasier.com/iron-browser-a-secure-alternative-to-google-chrome/2009/07/08) and it looks fine there as well.

Hamlet Au

Thanks all, keep it coming. But ack, WTF is with my browser? I sure don't want to go back to Firefox, that sucker crashes like crazy on me (sorry Mitch.)

Doreen Garrigus

I could read NWN in Chrome until yesterday, and then it just stopped working. Yesterday afternoon, I started getting error messages and blank screens. The problem persists.

Dupe Dollinger

I've not had any problems reading NWN, and I've been using Chrome for months (currently using If you can load it in an Incognito window, is there any chance that clearing history and cookies fixes the problem?

Hamlet Au

Dupe, good advice; tried, no dice.

Cerulean Zessinthal

Go into the settings and disable DNS prefetching. Clear history again and try it. Chrome works best for me with it disabled for some reason.

Barefoot Ballinger

I have no problems using Chrome for this site...
I don't use TypeKey or TypePad though, so maybe it is related to that somehow?


I've been using Chrome for a while now and have never had a problem reading this site. Maybe its you. ^^ :)


I switched to Chrome a few months ago because Firefox suddenly started crashing constantly and I have never had a problem viewing any page - NWN or others.

It has no problems opening all 42 tabs at once in my "SL Fashions" bookmarks folder :)

Doreen Garrigus

Cerulean, thank you so much. I don't know if you helped Hamlet, but you helped me. I can see NWN in Chrome, now, with no problem at all.

Galatea Gynoid

It would appear that the webserver is bombing while attempting to process the request. There are scripts running on the webserver that are attempting to process information passed from the browser to the server on each request, and they must have a bug that's causing them to bomb under certain circumstances. I was having the exact same problem for about a week. But a few minutes ago, I went to "Clear browsing data...", selected "Delete cookies" and "Clear saved form data", selected "Everything" for the period, hit the "Clear browsing data" button, and now I am once again able to access this site in Chrome. Whatever data is was getting back from the browser was, either alone or in combination with the data in your backend database it was attempting to correlate that with, causing the webserver to terminate mid-processing. This isn't an obvious problem since webservers spawn many subprocesses to handle requests, and if one dies it just spawns a new one so people can still connect, but it kills the one request that was in progress when the crash occurred. Looking at the webserver error logs might reveal some clues as to the cause of the crash, although sometimes the server process can terminate before it gets a chance to log anything.

Cerulean Zessinthal


You are very welcome :)


@Galatea ... ya what he said... Clear your private data and badabing.

Hamlet Au

OMFG Galatea, that worked! Thanks much much muchly!

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