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Friday, July 31, 2009


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Jordyn Carnell

Similar situation, I was making a public apology in my blog and pasted in the bit of conversation I was apologizing for, and implicated other people in participating in the conversation. (I'm not a good editor) So, then I apologized for the apology and made the error AGAIN.

JellyBean Madison

Probably http://slmeangirls.blogspot.com/2007/11/quadgate-o7.html Quadgate in November of 2007. I still stand by the fact that it needed to be written but I wish I would have waited until they made a public announcement.

Crap Mariner

No regrets.


Isle Lunasea

No regrets here either.. so far.

There are however blog posts that I wish I *had* written, that I would probably now be writing that I had regretted.

Yes. I regret not having written posts interesting or controversial enough to consider having regretted them.

Prad Prathivi

I regret nothing in my blog.. as long as a post gets people talking and thinking, it's been worth it.

Johnny S

It's difficult to imagine something as inconsequential as an SL-related blog post inducing an emotion as strong as regret.

Adric Antfarm

Prad said it very well.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

"Non, rien, rien..." --I wish.

I fell for an April Fool joke once and posted about it to my blog.

Kanomi Pikajuna

All of 'em.

I should have stayed in World of Warcraft, crafting squirrel merkins.

I was so much happier then.

Harper Ganesvoort

The only one I really "regret" is the one I did way back on the custom gown I commissioned from a now departed avatar (article at http://harperganesvoort.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/custom-couture/). The pictures from Star Trek that accompanied that gown have become the biggest traffic magnet to my blog, while other pieces (news, commentary or fashion) have basically been left in the dust.

If it comes to sticking my virtual foot in my mouth, though, I luckily have not done that yet (whew!).

Arcadian Vanalten

As a general rule, I usually regret the things I HAVEN'T done more than anything boneheaded I've done. Missed opportunities always haunt me a LOT more than learning experiences, which is the bulk of the latter category *shrugs*

headburro antfarm

Hmmm, I once wrote a silly, nasty stab at RL London city that lost me a good friend in-world.

Still, I didn't delete it as a) it was meant in humour and b) it was funny :-D My only regret is not being able to work it out with my friend despite my trying :(

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