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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Viorel Daviau

I've just recently changed my environment from DCS to RPCS & couldn't be any happier.

For one, the support in RPCS is not only approachable, but active in bug fixing. The fees involved target the correct audience (sim owners should pay, not the individual players), and the system simply works...fast.

What I love about the system is it's not only just for the traditional urban setting, it can be used for literally any environment.

In it's infancy, this system smokes. I'm completely in love with the back-end of it & the added features sim owners were literally begging for with other systems is built in with this one.

Other games state "you create your own game", but with RPCS you can actually make it happen.

Hands down, RPCS is the Halle Berry of RP enhancement systems.

Korwyn Obscure

We just went from DCS to RPCS before opening soon, and I must say between the ease of setup (could use more docs yes), the ease of the content creator scripts (got my first weapon for it up last night... first ranged weapon on the system too), AND the speed of which the devs reply to your questions and support tickets, even for simple feature requests is top notch.

Even if it was just as good as DCS that alone would win hands down, but the fact that the meter works now at 0.74, as good as DCS and everything they are going to have in it by 1.0 is just amazing compared to any others.

Viorel Daviau

"Weaknesses: Could use more documentation and examples for the novice gamemaster, including pre-built NPCs, weapons, and quests"

This is a black eye for other systems as well--documentation in simple words for the everyday player.

Now, like Korwyn's comment, this system isn't even final release. I think for a review even at this stage really says a lot.

Granted yeah, it still lacks solid documentation, compared to other systems (years after release) that provide ancient .pdf files or ESP, RPCS was smart in utilizing a Wiki where everyday Joe & Janes can contribute so the developers can focus their time doing what they do best; code.

The Wiki IS growing (I've personally done multiple pages, just not visible yet). By the time the full version is released, there is no doubt that the support end will be info rich.

Colleen Marjeta

Wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU to Kanomi for the wonderful review, and to the those of you who commented. We're working hard to make this a real player and sim owner driven system, but I'll be the first to day there's a long long way to go before we're at version 1.

@Korwyn: very cool with the crossbow! I love that you gave it both sniper mode when prone and regular ranged otherwise, that's _exactly_ the kind of thing I was hoping would develop, which is people extending it and taking it in new directions with things I'd never even though of.

I know the comparison with DCS seems inevitable, but in the end I think we'e headed in a very different direction than other systems which are purely combat based. And for documentation: yes, it's a real shortcoming right now. Working on it and fast, and _very_ grateful for the contributions people are making on the wiki, that makes the job a lot easier.

The bottom line: This is a framework... but the _game_ is what you guys are making in your sims. That's what I'm really loving about this: seeing the creative things that people can do with it which are beyond the scope of anything that ever occured to me. You guys rock.

Aliasi StonebenderA

While it looked interesting, my big frustration is there seemed to be very little to no information on actually setting it up for your own use. I don't just mean no directions, I mean actually finding RPCS in-world and figuring out how to obtain the sim owner version and development API; the main site did not have such instructions very obvious aside from "log in".

Colleen Marjeta

Aliasi... if you follow the links on the home page under "IMPORTANT LINKS" you'll find the wiki, links to where to get RPCS and more. Feel free to contact me in world also if you have trouble finding those links.

Colleen Marjeta

Aliasi... if you follow the links on the home page under "IMPORTANT LINKS" you'll find the wiki, links to where to get RPCS and more. Feel free to contact me in world also if you have trouble finding those links.

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