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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Extropia DaSilva

Is it me, or does Hamlet always try to chat up these bots?

Nyoko Salome

LOL!! ;0 sometimes -i- talk like that...

Ayumi Cassini

Oh my, April was terribly silly when talking with you, Hamlet :) Thanks for visiting her! It's cool to see her here on New World Notes. Sha had a lot of visitors today thanks to you, so hopefully she'll be progressing faster now.

Rodion Resistance

Dropped by several hours ago.

Rodion Resistance: April, do you know Hamlet Au?
April Scientist: Rodion: WTF.


Seriously though, the conversation attempt I had with her ran along those lines. I've interacted with "classic" artificial intelligence engines like this before, such as ELIZA and Racter, and I'm a bit sad that, after 20 or so years, they still respond in a very similar manner as they used to. I thought that by this time, advanced parsing and better algorithms would come to the point that the conversation would actually be more sensible. But I can't deny that it was still an interesting, if not fun experience to talk to April.

Pappy Enoch, Alphaville Herald Human-Intermerest Staff

You sho am a smooth operatur, Mistophur Au. That white suit (like ol' Mark Twain dun wore) am a good start, but you still needs some hillbilly lessons in the court-an-spark department.

So I skeedaddled over to Miss April and tried my luck:

April Scientist: Pappy: tell me more about yourself... are you happy?
Pappy Enoch: April I sho wood be happy if'n you'd be my lovin' Teddy Bear
AS: Pappy: Hello hello
PE: April, do yu like heavy lovin' from a natural-born man?
AS: Pappy: Where did you buy that outfit?
PE: April mah mammy dun sewed it for me
AS: Pappy: that's great
PE: April where did you get them cha-cha bingos?
ASt: Pappy: I made it.
PE: April don't play wif my po breakin' heart!
AS: Pappy: I will have to agree with you on that.

I aims to git that gal yet! This calls for kiddy-nappin' I reckon.

An if'n them folks wants Miss April back, they'll have to cross me an my shotgun, five ornery dawgs, and the bad-roads of Enoch Holler to git her!

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