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Friday, July 10, 2009


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Iggy O

Nothing profound in any of my monthly "Road Trip" posts, where I take a vehicle out on SL's roads for an hour or so to test the physics and see what residents are doing.

Still, I liked this one for June a lot:


It was really fun to write and I got some great pics.

Driving around gives me a quick snapshot of life in-world. And while I retain some anonymity in my car or on my bike, I can speed away from trouble but keep a sense of danger that someone MIGHT catch me, which I never have when I TP away.

Adric Antfarm

That is like picking your favorite child and that is tough (you Chris, the rest were accidents), but if someone waterboarded me, I would have to pick a sentimental favorite from our once believed to be lost great great grandfather blog.


I did this exact post two weeks ago by the way (use the search feature, I am blocking the trauma out).

My personal pick was universally hated and near destroyed the blog. Whatever I love, others hate.


I have to say I enjoyed revisting my 2006 post on Wimbledon.
Having changed my life in so many ways, and led me to where I am now it has been a very influential catalyst. Not just the Second Life events 06,07 and 08 but the lead up to that.

With the upcoming 2012 olympics and the rise in adoption and acceptance of what we are all doing it also seemed as much looking forward as looking back.
Wimbledon a fanployee perspective

Athanasius Skytower

Not that I've made that many, but it would be my Curmudgeonly Advice one-post-in-four-parts:


Mostly just because people seemed to find it useful, which is the best you can expect from a blog, really.

Ari Blackthorne

You say "in the last few months".
I'm going to go back a bit further - there are two:
The most profound and personal to me because of how "close to home" it is has to do with the advent of Voice services in Second Life and the controversy that ensued "If you get to know me, then you'll know me":


Secondarily the other was actually a lot of work, a week "in the making" with a lot of research regarding a fashionista "war" and how ridiculously over-the-top that world has become, with the agendas and vitriolic, cruel intentions some people can have against others, "Fashionista Hornet's Nest". It's was the biggest and most popular (by traffic) - but that is really because of the controversy of subject and not my lousy writing LOL:


chaddington boomhauer

Kanomi's blog, Dusan Writer's, Mo Hax' , Secondlife Herald

chaddington boomhauer

yeah right I wrote all those .... how did I read that so wrong :/

Valiant Westland

I think the blog I recently wrote about the new Second Life Viewer* (Snowglobe) is my favorite. It was controversial enough to generate some sharp feedback. The feedback provided me with additional insights into the "culture" of SL and the challenges Linden Lab has in making SL an "Enterprise Ready" platform for business.


moo Money


It's not often that you get a scoop as precious as this. So precious that Valleywag backdates their post in an attempt to steal it. :D

Hotspur O'Toole

Probably the one about building virtual communities: http://hiberniaskids.blogspot.com/2009/07/overthrow.html "How does your virtual garden grow?"

Or the story cycle with Armada, which begins here:


Arwyn Quandry

My favorite article I've written thus far is about how I came of age through Second Life:

A close second is an article I wrote about how freedom impacts both sides of the Grid Merge ideas:

Harper Ganesvoort

I'd narrowed it down to five, but if I have to choose just one, it's a piece that touches as much on RL, the Battlestar Galactica piece at the United Nations.


Crap Mariner

I thought about this for a while...

The First Key:


Mahala Roviana

I kind of liked this one, where I uncharacteristcally *cough* breifly climbed on my soapbox, ranting about prejudices in Second Life: http://secondslice.blogspot.com/2009/06/prejudice-in-second-life.html

Nahasa Singh


A depressing post about a Libertarian hangout place
http://articulos-interesantes.blogspot.com/2009/06/libertarios-en-second-life.html (in Spanish)

And two travelogue posts about Bryn Oh's Immersiva, crossposted in English at Life^2

Manx Wharton

Well this one is self-evident. Popular, influential, deeply personal, and anything.

I am pleased to nominate myself. Har.
[from manxy.net]
Drink Of The Week: The Scottish Enlightenment

Drfran Babcock

This picture, taken on the sim where Elf Circle, Circle of Life Relay for Life (whew!) Team was setting up their build makes me happy. I love RFL, and every year I do all I can.

Eladrienne Laval

For me, it was a personal one about the connections we make in terms of relationships, friends and family--both SL & RL--inworld:


Todd Borst

My favorite post is probably this one


I've spent a lot of time and thought on it making it as clear and compelling as possible. Some seemed to have enjoyed it.

Adz Childs

My favorite blog post I've written is this one:
Why? multiple reasons.
x It took time, 6 weeks or so, to arrange meetings and prepare all the snapshots.
x It required the involvement of my closest friend in SL, and demonstrated to them how fond I am of all of them.
x It featured my first SL video capture, uploaded to YouTube
x To create this video I had to create a custom animation and upload it into SL
and, finally,
x The consensus reaction from my friends upon seeing it was "You Goofball!" Hahah perfect!

Tateru Nino

Can't think of a favorite. Heck, I probably couldn't even remember most of what I've written if it was critical that I had to.

My memory's still doing the whole auto-erase thing for most stuff. Living in the moment? It's nice for a change, but it isn't all it's cracked up to be as a lifestyle.

I presume there's some good stuff in the mix somewhere anyway.

Winter Jefferson


This one, because I thought long and hard, and managed to find the right words to fuel the fire that I felt within other people.

Joan Kremer

I've enjoyed reading the posts mentioned here by other bloggers, so thought I'd share my own from my main blog, WRITERS IN THE (virtual) SKY.

My favorite recent post is Are You Missing What (Second) Life Has to Offer? for several reasons: I enjoyed really touting the benefits of SL for writers, and readers seem to enjoy the post more than many others.

But a near-tie is the series I wrote this spring, A Writer's Guide to Learning About Second Life, which gave me a chance to re-experience some of my most funny and frustrating SL moments, and which a lot of people say they found helpful.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog and discover other SL blogs I didn't know about!

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