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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Sioban McMahon

Second Life *Moonstar* to hold Fashion Show
to benefit Project Children

West of Ireland, Second Life – The Second Life charity estate West of Ireland (WOI) is pleased to announce a new benefit fashion event, after the great success of May’s Charity Dress Auction. The Second Life designers collectively known as *Moonstar* will be holding a Fashion Show on Friday, July 17 at 3pm SLT on the WOI Estate at “The Glen” (Glens na hEirean). The event will showcase 20 ensembles, including a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, created by the designers and featuring WOI Volunteers as models. Display boards of the featured fashions will be up through out the day with all items being available for sale. 50% of the proceeds from sales that day will be donated to Project Children.

*Moonstar* is the result of the coming together of two designers: Arora Meili and Vamilia Vella. Their first store opened in July of 2008. All designs are unique originals exclusively made by Vamilia Vella and Arora Meili, and are not available for sale in other shops or by other sellers. *Moonstar* strives to provide the best gifts for their guests, and frequently offer originals for low or no cost. A visit to *Moonstar* on Ghloogums introduces a brilliant and diverse spectrum of designs ranging from gowns to daywear. Use of vibrant prints, excellent textures and draping all combine to present a variety of ensembles to suit a wide range of fashion tastes. *Moonstar* also has a group (the Moonbeams) and the Moonbeam Lounge presents debut designs to group members as well as provides them an enticing environment to linger and socialize.

“We are just so blessed to have these talented designers generously share their creations with us in support of our on going fundraising efforts,” said West of Ireland CEO, Sioban McMahon. “We raised over $L20,000 through May’s Charity Dress Auction, and this new event should be just as successful. Second Life Fashion is a hot topic!”

The ensembles featured in the fashion show will be available for sale at the show site (Glens na hEirean) through out the day on Friday, July 17th. The Fashion Show itself will commence at 3pm SLT.

Useful SLURLS:
Moonstar Showroom …
Glens na hEirean …

For other West of Ireland performance schedules and event information, visit: http://www.irelandsl.org/about/events-live-music/

Project Children is an international organization that takes children from Northern Ireland on summer trips to stay with host families in the United States. Catholic and Protestant children are brought together in a calm and multi-cultural environment in an effort to overcome the stronghold of prejudices that have burdened Northern Ireland for so long. The South Texas Celtic Music Association (STCMA) raises funds for Project Children at its annual Celtic Music Festival and through the Second Life West of Ireland charity estate to pay the transportation costs for children participating in Project Children.

For information on Project Children: http://www.projectchildren.org

Delinda Dyrssen

Friday Night at The Pocket! This weeks lineup so far..

8:00 PM Clairede Dirval
9:00 PM Maximillion Kleene
10:00 PM Ohmy Kidd
11:00 PM TBA
12:00 AM Noma Falta

The Pocket ..few rules just fun!


Dedric Mauriac

OS Grid is about to come upon their second birthday on July 22 and is having a big event for it.


Dedric Mauriac

Space on the OSG2B Sims

Region: OSG2B Stage


Beth Noveck Speaking on "Wiki Government" on Monday July 20 at 9am PST

Location: Foundations sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/Foundations/109/231/34

The Markle Foundation is pleased to invite you to a book presentation by Beth Simone Noveck on WIKI GOVERNMENT: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful.

In the digital age our lives are constantly being transformed by the way in which we connect and collaborate with one another, affecting the way we make decisions - on a personal level, an institutional level, and a national level. Drawing on her expertise, and more directly her experience in creating Peer-to-Patent, the federal government's first social networking initiative, Ms. Noveck's Wiki Government insightfully demonstrates how technology, along with citizen participation, can help the government become more open and effective at solving the complex social and economic problems we face today.

Adele Ward

Internationally bestselling author John Geiger is coming to SL on August 8th to appear on the Meet an Author show. He'll be talking to me about his latest book The Third Man Factor, which is about the mysterious extra presence that appears to help explorers and others to survive life-threatening experiences.

The opening to the book is the real account of the only person to survive from his floor on 9/ll thanks to an extra 'guide' who told him to walk into and through the flames to get to the lower floors. It had me on the edge of my seat.

John Geiger is the latest in a series of top authors to appear on the Meet an Author show, which is filmed in front of a live audience who can question them and win signed copies. It streams live and is then available online. Jay Dobyns, the undercover cop who infiltrated the Hells Angels, was on a while ago as he felt safe to appear in an interactive show on SL to talk to the audience.

The show has been going for 2 years and has published authors from debut novelists to bestsellers and attracts interest from publishers and creative writing lecturers in universities to the ways SL can be used.

For more info on the show and for a SLURL to the venue visit http://www.writtenword.org.uk/meetanauthor.htm A link to broadcasts of all past shows is also on this page.

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