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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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Daniel Voyager

Thanks for sharing.

Adds ObiJan Technologies to his SL Metrics blog page > http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/sl-metrics/ :)

Joseph MacAlpine

Their database is full of glaring errors...


Out of the top 50 SL first names all but one (Angel) appear to be male names - including the incredibly unimaginative "Mr".

Sioban McMahon

Under the Avatar stats, they have a breakdown of numbers by membership type. What the heck is a "lifetime membership"?

Arwyn Quandry

Sioban, LL once offered a way to buy membership for the lifetime of your account so you wouldn't have to pay every month. It cost $225 and was dropped after the 1.2 release when land tier went up. People with lifetime were allowed to keep their status, but no one else can get it now.

Joseph MacAlpine

Arwyn, you are right, but AFAIK the 'lifetime membership' program ceased about six years ago, and that website claims one of my alts to be a lifetime member, while I created the account last year...


Glad you picked up on it and are giving this handy site some more exposure. Yak waves...

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