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Thursday, July 16, 2009


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Indigo Mertel

Thank you for your very nice words, Grace. I am very much inspired by what you say about our digital identities because what you say are exactly my feelings. I know of you, of course, and not just because you are aa well known performer in SL but because as a former Pondie I saw you performing a few times back at the times when I was a shy noob trying to find my way in my SL. Mill Pond was also my first connection with a community in SL. As a person who has a deep binding with music your words are a source of inspiration to me. Thank you.


What an awesome piece. Grace is awesome, and I loved this article :)

Koinup Burt

Grace Mcdunnough with her awesome voice is also one of the "fab three" of the Rocking the Metaverse. They are Grace Mcdunnough, Doubledown Tandino and Slim Warrior

Arcadia Codesmith

Grace doesn't perform only in Second Life. I know she's done concerts and dual-streams in MetaPlace, and I think maybe she hit a couple other VW's on the Rockin' the Multiverse tour? She's reportedly been very helpful to other people trying to get into the virtual music scene as well.

Moggs Oceanlane

Thanks for this article :)

M Linden

Grace, thank you for your wonderful work in Second Life and for sharing your story in this way.

Grace McDunnough

Thank you for your kind words and support.

The third production of Musimmersion is rattling about my head ... this time it will be quite different ;-)

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