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Friday, August 14, 2009


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Nyoko Salome

FOIST!! ;0 lol just wanted to say good to see two handsome and intelligent blokes chatting it up for the virtual life... :) rock on like jimmy dean! :)

Whatcha Eaton

Ooo! Good scoop on this story, Hamlet. :p

Crap Mariner

So Cory's in favor of an achievement system in SL?

Thank you for firing him, Phil.


Nightbird Glineux

@cm: Ooh, that's harsh!

I'm against an achievement system too, but really.

Adric Antfarm

Well if it's good enough for all those 12 year olds on GTA IV cushing me out in all sorts of languages, it's good enough for me.


It has to be said - grafting on an achievement system to SL is just an admission that it's failed to achieve mainstream interest in its current form. Certainly SL has some serious problems, not least the unimaginative way it's directed by LL, but an achievement system would simply add to them. Anyone want to buy an Achievement Bot?

Adam Frisby

We've been using an achievement system as part of OSgrid for about a month and a bit now, as a way of showcasing things.

See: http://www.osgrid.org/elgg/pg/achievements/profile/16408 (mine) and our recently launched user-created achievements: http://www.osgrid.org/news/2009/08/09/custom-achievements/

Tinsel Silvera

I agree with Crap and Nightbird. No offense to Cory intended. Anyone who wants to play games should go check out WOW and level the hell out of it! SL is not a game. Stop trying to make it one. Don't add to the ongoing misconceptions of what SL is about. /fail on an achievement system in SL.

Hamlet Au

"Thank you for firing him, Phil."

That's not why he was fired, Crap. And please keep it civil.

And actually, as my book mentions, Philip was an advocate of the original achievement systems of user ratings and votes. It was Cory who discontinued those. Which is why it's striking he's changed his take on this subject.

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