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Friday, August 21, 2009


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John Hughes was never an auteur. Please don't insult the talent that truly carries that title in the film world.

Hughes made teeny bopper films that are the equivalent of fast food. Its fun, its nice and its dirty a treat but not nutritional.

As a Gen X, I really hate the fact that a Baby Boomer is cited as someone who defined my generation. NO

Hamlet Au

Hughes made teen comedies, yes, but then, Hitchcock made thrillers, John Ford made Westerns, and Douglas Sirk made melodramas. I wouldn't rank Hughes on their level, but a lot of directors recognized as auteurs mainly or exclusively worked in established commercial genres, as well. Hughes wrote/directed/produced most of his best work, and has an identifiable style and set of recurring themes-- generally the criterion for being considered an auteur, whether or not you like his movies.


No, I disagree Mr. Au.

Hughes made insular and slightly racist comedies that involved only white suburban teenagers. And the subjects he explored were treated topically at best.

You can't compare the best movies of the 70's to the pap that Hughes turned out.

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