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Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Metacam Oh

Road Rash was a great game. Had always wanted Road Rash on an open 3d world where I could drive wherever I wanted... :)

Max Graf

Funny you should mention road rash. That was one of my alltime favs, and its interesting to hear that one of the people working on it is in SL. :)
I really wanted to capture a sense of that sega/older console feel to it, and road rash is definately up there in the top. I like the old spy hunter game too, with the bond-style elements. Im using this as a test bed also, in preparation for a similar attraction in bluemars, albeit much longer, like a rallye. woot!

Rory Serpente

Toxic Menges (hi Toxic) is so right Rune is unquestionably home to "the best racetrack in Second Life".

I was fortunate enough to have Max (Maxwell Graf) take me for a few laps of the track as his passenger, and this was before the bears where installed.

It was an great drive, Max describing features as we tore around the track at the only speed max races, flat out, while sometimes he steered with only one hand as he pointed to the exact spot or feature he was describing. At all other times he used both hands to point at two separate features at the same time.

If you haven't seen Rune go drive around it yourself at an insane speed then next time twice as fast.

Max you have done it again Rune rocks.




is it as laggy and unusable as rustica? action games in SL = epic fail. ;(

aion gold

Seems to be a good game but just wondering which is more popular game, is it Sims3 or Second Life? The SL character somewhat has similarity with Aion character, though they're in different genre.

Dale Innis

That sounds Teh Awesome! Not, I gather, for vehicles that want a nice flat racecourse. :)

Iggy O

No epic fail or even regular fail. There was little lag on Rune when I ran it, and the physics were good for SL driving.

The bears are a HOOT.

Keanu Kharg

Could be fun...if i could get in. Seems the owner has set the sim for ppl with payment info only. I looked at his profile and dont meet any of the 8 criteria this person bans for. If ppl dont have payment info that doesnt mean they dont spend money on sl. I got payment info on an alt and even ppl who dont have that still earn a lot of moeny in sl. I m age verified so SL has my details, which means he can always sue incase of copybotting, which seems his biggest fear. By banning all ppl with no payment info he prob bans about 50% of the population of sl and prob losses 40 of his sales. It s up to him ofc,just a bit sad that ppl cant get in and see if they dont have the necessary lindens to buy something.

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