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Thursday, August 06, 2009


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TearSong Vaughan

Hmm can I mention only one favorite? I actually have a couple ;)

One of my favorites is DeLa's Leona dress. I already had it in Blue but the stamp rally was a good excuse to buy it in Black as well :) Bonus is that it combines so well with the Coco stamp rally shoes :)

Alicia Chenaux

My favorite, and how I got a BUNCH of cards, were from buying the Candy Bikinis and matching sandals at **DP**YumYum. I did a review post on the bikinis if anyone would like to take a look. At only $150L for the bikini, it's a cheap and cute way to get some cards!


Takafumi Farina

I like the Burly hair style from Uw.St

I found great hair for myself and my guy friend! So glad I found that store! :)

Petrachaa Doobie

My fav... "anuenue's Loose HalfPants. I've been wanting them for ages and knowing the rally was coming up i put off buying them...and then Yes! they had the card :D

I also picked up "anuenue's Tirolean Cardi. I absolutely loved this too, its so simple and has great texture work..and bonus! it came with a stamp card :)

Petrachaa Doobie

Oh and i saw you Iris while i was getting mine stamped :D

Anjouli Troncon

my favourites are the pretty flowers and planters from iTuTu, can't decide which ones I'm gonna buy :/

Otenth Paderborn

My favorite discovery was Hanauto's table and chairs scripted to switch from tiny to tall animations. Well worth the price even without the card!

Faerie Hax

I love the Coco Cutout Prom dress. I think it is perfect for Nekos with that super lowcut back.

thaumata strangelove

I think the cutest items are from Feather. They mostly carry little tea sets and boxes of chocolates, but they are so, so, so exquisitely made and textured that every one of them is a tiny little prim jewel. They're beautiful for any gift occasion and they're scripted amazingly well, also.

Kerryth Tarantal

The hair color changing HUD from Curious Kitties, because I adore the hair and love having a choice of hair colors. I've been procrastinating on getting this since I found out about it at the Hair Fair, and this was the perfect excuse. In fact, that's the only thing I've bought so far. I ran straight over there at the first possible moment.

Otenth Paderborn

Thank you!

Kedawen Darrow

I'm asking around to see if I can get this figured out by the 31st!! 2 out of the 20 stamps won't work for me (Sick and Den Dou), it says "failure, card not found". I've tried different computers, different avatars, new cards, everything. Any advice? Thank you!!

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