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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Metacam Oh

15 million page views a month? Sounds like.... well you know... BS, that's half a million a day, from a Second Life community, I bet the SL homepage doesn't even get that much, and then narrow that down to just the Japanese.

Hamlet Au

I was a bit skeptical myself, Metacam, but I checked the site's Alexa ranking, it's in the top 25K of all websites, so 15M is quite plausible:


(And Alexa doesn't track non-English sites very well.)

Nexus Burbclave

This actually makes a lot of sense to me. A larger selection of backdrops to set your photos in, a larger range of avatar customization and a larger number of subcultures with a vested interest in having their own showcases are all probably contributing factors.

thaumata strangelove

Haha... I started that list on the wiki! It's pretty outdated, though. Unless someone has done it up recently, I'm sure it's missing hundreds of them. I couldn't keep up with it and figured if people wanted to use the list, the community would have to work together to keep it updated (which is what wikis are for.)

I don't doubt your figures at all. I recently stepped down as moderator for the big SL group on flickr, but it had almost 10,000 members when I did. The Flickr kids are totally prolific and have micro-groups for everything from shoes to hair to odd places to travel to contest announcements.

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