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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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Opensource Obscure

This was another interesting/informative Tweet from yesterday:
Take snapshots faster in SL with Osprey's tip on my blog: http://bit.ly/RqWW0
by @hbahimself

With regard to Twitter: I'm going to focus even more than before on it, now that Facebook bought FriendFeed (I was a FriendFeed advocate until a couple of days ago).
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Sioban McMahon

Any organization wishing to hold a conference can certainly find less expensive or free options. My group has hosted a number of conferences, both entirely in world and streamed from a RL conference. We have a lot of event experience and ask for a modest donation to the charity, that's all.

Metacam Oh

Its about time that services provided started mirroring real world. The days where your expected to perform a real world service such as event organizing and being paid 250L (1 USD) an hour are over. If you can't afford the prices, get your hands wet in SL and do it yourself.

Thats the great thing about SL, if you can't afford something all the tools are there to do it yourself.

Morris Vig

Are you sure you read that correctly? I'm not sure it's a comment on planners raising their prices but rather a comment on costs for individuals to participate in conferences. The ticket cost, if you will, apparently is going up. Big difference.

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