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Monday, August 17, 2009


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SLCC09 was an amazing experience. This, being my first, was overwhelming in ever sense. So much to take in and so little time to remember it all. I saw you several times and didn't introduce myself (my mind was going a million miles a minute with the SLCC Musicians Ball).
Philip Lindens Keynote on Saturday Morning, by far was my most enlightening experience.
My biggest fear in life has always been 'dying' I can't STAND it that we live this whole life and then POOF......I often said "IF" I die....
Then, about a decade or so ago, I thought, HELL...by the time I'm half way through my life or getting near that point, when that time comes, someone will have figured out how to download our brain into a digital atmosphere.
TO hear Philip Linden talk about the Possibilities, what can happen, what we are on the brink of, made my thought seem so OLD SCHOOL, and I was completely immersed in his speech.
That was my highlight.
Other than that...collaborating with other musicians, getting into the heads of ALL the people I've met in my 4plus years in SL, and sharing pieces of each other.
It was a Brilliant experience.
I wish I had made a few moments to talk to you more, I've been reading your writing for some time and you are certainly not a stranger...
Much Peace!
-Juel Resistance

Adric Antfarm

SLCC was the first time (for me anyway) that Twitter went from a place to see 8 twit links to the same NWN story to a source of information on a current event.

And then it got entertaining (bar opened maybe). Crap Mariner caused me to spit beer on my monitor with the twit on Hamlet asking BettinaTizzy something(more so since I didn't follow him and it's priceless out of context) and SecondLie even had his peak with Hamlet and his (or perhaps a rented) unicorn.

Hamlet himself showed twit discipline perhaps busy posting pictures of himself in Jack Lord shirts with girls.

I just wish I had this information in advance and not feared being confined with a bunch of people sitting in a circle talking about how Snow Crash impacted their life as opposed to party people.

Dusan Writer

Well, dumb as it may sound, my favorite moment was actually reading Armi's tweets.



Overheard at #SLCC: It takes three men before I feel outnumbered!

Overheard at #SLCC: If you're gonna roleplay working for me, I'm gonna roleplay paying you!

OK, but seriously, for me it was Tom's presentation, partly because I've been drooling and anticipating a peek at the viewer for so long. But the Lab needs to send him to a PR class or whatever - he has that barely disguised sardonic/I'm incredibly smart wit thing going on which doesn't translate very well....or maybe they need to scrub him of the Macromedia-from-the-Mountain school of user engagement.

Having said that, who cares...he's helping to change the Grid substantially, gigantically. Period. And whether that's good or bad I guess we'll see - it will certainly be less 'home spun', more packaged, more user and newb friendly, more commercial, and will say to people "yeah, we DO intend to hit 100 million, get over it". Take that for what you will.

But how can a highlight reel be complete without mentioning the stunning fascinating brilliant blogging panel you facilitated. But who was the guy in the middle? Dork.

Oh - one final one - Eshi. Shoes. Nuff said.

Crap Mariner

Seeing my sister have a great time with all the musicians she accompanied, knowing she's a part of the bigger picture.

Means a lot to me.


Feline Slade

My favorite moments of SLCC 09 were watching people light up when they recognized each other, either from previous years of SLCC, or when meeting for the first time. Those "OMG, it's...!" moments are priceless, and they are the real reason I came to SLCC a second year.

And, Hamlet, while you're giving out props, don't forget the track leaders, who managed to put together the content of the conference against very long odds, often despite a lack of timely response by the conference leadership. The content of the sessions this year was much richer than the content of last year's sessions, and that is to the credit of people who have gone largely unnoticed and uncredited.

Crap Mariner

I agree with Feline on the track leader observation.

I'd give more credit to the track leaders than TFU for any success of this SLCC. Especially Apple, the Molaskey's Crew, Lyndon and Cylindrian, and the rest of the gang in the Music track.


Hamlet Au

Sorry I didn't get to really meet you, Juel, you looked and performed excellently!

Sue Mahar

My fav part of this year's SLCC was dancing ever so briefly with Hamlet at the end of the Musician's Ball. (woot!) Anyone happen to get a pic of that? Also - I must mention the music in the park, in the lobby, the guest rooms, the Borgia room - ahhhh. The party bus was a riot, too. So much fun all around.


I wrote up my thoughts in detail here: http://www.secondeffects.com/2009/08/impossible-touch.html.

Chenin Anabuki

I have several favorites:
1. Hearing Eshi yell out "OMG, Chenin!" (should be the other way around).
2. Being able to ask Philip why he is so tanned.
3. Instinctively getting a hug from Hamlet when he saw me at the ballroom.

There was a lot of talk about why the convention this year is not any bigger than Tampa and much smaller than Chicago. The number of attendees do hint at the health of the platform. But, this year's SLCC feel more like a community. And, it is always nice to have a sense of belonging.

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