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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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Arcadia Codesmith

If you play SL from within SL, does the lag increase arithmatically or exponentially?

If it were somehow frictionless, I could see building a portal nexus linking to various other virtual worlds. That's a degree of interconnectivity that moves us a medium-sized hop towards metaversiality.


Make me a HUD so I can login 4 times and switch between my alts with alt+tab. :))

Richard Meiklejohn

Ah a tiny little bit of smugness - I finally beat NWN to a story having blogged this yesterday http://blog.knowsense.co.uk - of course, having it here means someone might actually read it ;-)

Don't get your hopes up though - I use SL sometimes over VNC by necessity, it's practically useless - VNC isn't designed for video-style whole page updates but more for desktops where only a small amount of info normally changes at once. However, for that application, as I mentioned in my post, it uses a LOT less bandwidth than the only current alternative in SL which is to stream your desktop as video. So for demoing software, teaching programming, sharing a document... this would be great and I can't wait until the plugin is released and the viewer supports it.


A great accomplishment - congrats - but lack of friction does seem key - to make such a tool even more attractive - would love to give it a try...hats off to the maker again...

Metacam Oh

Mesh and Media = Possibilities

Dedric Mauriac

Looks like Qwaq may get a bit of competition now.

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

I think this would be great for a virtual data center setup. I use Amazon EC2 on occasion and it would be nice to build a model of what the machines look like and how they're connected...then, by touching them, activating VNC to actually work on them.

This is awesome.

Peyote Short

A very cool way to bring Second Life down to 1 FPS!

Aimee Trescothick

Thanks for the comments everyone :) I've been a bit snowed under with the interest this has generated today!

Aimee Trescothick

The low frame rate seen in SL in the video is mostly due to me finding shadows shadows irresistable, I probably should have turned them off for the demo. The remote machine running the SL client there is only a laptop with 2GHz Core2Duo, and a NVidia 9300M, which isn't really up using shadows.

It should have relatively little impact on the frame rate of your local viewer, only about the same as viewing a normal media stream, probably even less so than at the moment, as the media rendering now happens in a completely separate process, rather than in the viewer.

While the frame rate across the network with shadows off is still not great, it is better than in the video. As Richard says, this isn't really intended for running another SL client through, it's usefulness is more for sharing desktop applications, or providing remote assistance. The same sort of situations where systems like Webex, AT&T Connect, Apple Remote Destop, LogMeIn etc. would be used currently. It could prove particularly useful when mentoring new users for example, to see what they are seeing and provide guidance.

One novel fun use I have in mind, is to use it in conjunction with a VNC server running on an Android phone, or an iPhone, this would allow you to replicate and actually use your phone with your avatar in Second Life. Not particularly useful at the moment, as with the media stream tied to the parcel, it would only work on a parcel that is set to display it, however that limitation may well be removed in future.

Negko deVinna

A much better achievement than any flash plugin project!!!

Richard Meiklejohn

Does anyone have any idea when a server/client combination will actually support the concept of focus for a prim surface, and for that surface to receive mouse and keyboard events? Seems to me we would need that to deploy this.

Aimee Trescothick

Update: I now have it working in the Second Life client itself, so I do now have my live desktop on a prim in world :)


But as Richard surmises, so far it's view only as the client is not yet sending events back to the plug-in, unlike the test application which does.

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