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Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Elsbeth Writer

I have started a group called Wandering Photographers. We go to a different location every Monday to photograph landscapes. We share suggestions of good shots and help each other to expand our photography skills. We also have a clubhouse where members can display their work. Our newsletter blog is wanderingphotographers.wordpress.com

This week we will be going to Virtual Africa. Join us!

Thorn Witrial

We had a treasure hunt at our Golden Masquerade water garden/romance destination and it attracted 30 hunters! It was loads of fun and people we had never met before wandered through our creation, which made my partner and I very happy.


Elsbeth, what time(SL)is the photo shoot?

CyFishy Traveler

Beginning Thursday has started a blog of her own. Yes, really.


Raul Ariel

Just made some great sculpty sunflowers and updated one of my builds. Still not finished but my places are never finished..just in-work lol.

Slurl is


Any comments always greatfully taken,hope u like.

Nahasa Singh

The MoNA (Museum of N00b Art) is open again with new attractions, so you might get a laugh or two there, at :


Hamlet, thanks for visiting and for the frequent chances for shameless plugs in NWN :)

Uccello Poultry

An on-going project at the Isle of Lesbos is a "Club On Demand" concept that allows our Event Staff to rez custom-made clubs with a variety of themes. Right now I'm working on an an 'abandoned factory' design decorated as if ravers have invaded. One of my favorite clubs is The Snowglobe, just like the name sounds with a wintery scene to play in. Next up: A Egyptian Pyramid (I think).

Indigo Mertel

I am building a new house for the East River Community in region Muirhead. It's coming out nicely and the view is good here. :)

Richard Meiklejohn

Learned about camera control huds while making a video of my attempts to build a web browser in SL.

Richard Meiklejohn

and one day I'll remember that links need to be properly enclosed here :-( Video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBfUVIhFaLc

Crap Mariner

Doing an album giveaway this weekend in Tunes inSL:



Doreen Garrigus

I'm in the hospital, right now, with my (RL and SL) partner who had some complications after emergency brain surgery. I've been here for a couple of weeks with a lot of time on my hands and free WiFi, so I've done a few hunts and spent a bunch of time organizing inventory.

In my travels, I came across a new group called Wear Gray for a Day, founded by Sanura Snowpaw, whose cousin died from a brain tumor on August 13th. Sanura made a free t-shirt in an effort to raise awareness about brain cancer, and designers began contacting her, offering items made in the signature gray as fundraisers.

I immediately joined the group and IMed Sanura to volunteer. It is the first thing I've volunteered for in SL.

For more information about this fundraiser, check out the blog Wear Gray for a Day.

Hamlet Au

Wow, Doreen, thanks for sharing that, hope your partner gets better.

Rusalka Writer

Well, now I'm going to go out and buy a bunch of gray clothing...

I'm also looking at the future of my sculpty business, with the advent of mesh upload on the horizon. So I have upgraded my alt and will be starting another business with her soon. And little by little I shall also learn another business with my main avi. Gotta be ready for anything!

Elsbeth Writer

The photoshoot is held all day Monday. Members will be there throughout the day. You can join the group by finding it in search. Or contact me inworld for an invite. Hope to see you!

Nova Dyszel

I recently made my own art gallery to display my sl photo art (my photoshop addiction is out of control :) called artRIOT, signed up to be in the Freaky Fall Hunt starting Tuesday, and love going to the weekly Photohunt one hour contest every wednesday evening 7pm slt at the Virtual Artists Alliance.


Love NWN Hamlet, and your partner Koinup. :)


Iggy O

What are U Richmond and me up to lately? Our team is building a simulation of Poe's House of Usher (with NPC actors). Only about 5 students in my first-year writing course have freaked out with the mention of SL and dropped the class (those ever cautious and pragmatic Millennials!). Other brave souls remain, and they'll beta-test the simulation for another course that will use it next term (and beyond).

Some dispatches on building and content (with a few teaser pics):






Opensource Obscure

It's still too early to give more details or share photos, but I recently bought a full region with 4 friends of mine, and we're building all kinds of funny stuff there.

Also, we gave our region the best name ever, but it's still seeekret!

I already started experimenting with my Shadows+Projected Textures viewer...

HeadBurro Antfarm

Hmmm, I'm still neck deep in the FREE vaudeville show, The Show Must Go On (we have shows planned through out September - see http://tsmgo.blogspot.com & http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/the-show-must-go-on/)

Also I've just moved into Steelheads where I'm writing a story (http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/category/lost-and-found/) amd holding discussions on the nature, problems and solutions to roleplaying in SL (http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/tag/roleplaying/)

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