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Friday, September 04, 2009


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Tymmerie Thorne

"Monkeys watching us have sex" was a search term that someone used to get to my blog a while ago.

Harper Ganesvoort

How about "the black angel of the lord is here"? I have NO idea how they came up with that!

Chestnut Rau

I very rarely get anything interesting! Usually people find my personal blog by googling my name, New World Notes/Chestnut's Choices, the names of SL musicians and lately "Emerald viewer."

I think I need to dream up unusual wording to slip into my posts to see what kind of searches I can draw.

Otenth Paderborn

I'm always distressed that rather high on the list of keywords in my Google analytics are various combinations of child, bdsm, and gor, because of a post I wrote criticizing the handling of SL5B.

Botgirl Questi

More than half of the searches that find my blog have the words "sex" and "chatbot" in them. Might have to do with #2 Google ranking for the word pair.

Emerald Wynn

I am FREAKING CURSED that someone named a viewer after my AV.

"Emerald viewer" aside, a lot of people chasing "Russian booty" and "boobs like an accordion" get sidetracked over to my blog. "Catfighting faeries," though, remains my all-time favorite. I'm inspired to write a post about them now.


Those were so funny I thought I'd check out my list of keywords, too. However, there were too many to post here so I wrote up an entire post of them, right here.

FlipperPA Peregrine

I didn't use Analytics for this one, but instead, Googled the term "google apps blackberry sync" yesterday. I was pretty amazed that an article I wrote on my predominantly VW-related blog came up #2. Granted, it was for an article I wrote about Google Apps (I go off-topic sometimes), but was still impressed with the ranking!

Harper Ganesvoort

Try this sometime. I get picked up by an aggregator called alphainventions sometimes, for some random reason I have yet to fathom. They picked up one of my posts and I noticed it, and wrote a story about how my traffic had spiked to 128 the previous day, and was already up to 90 at 8:00 or 9:00 that morning. I included a link to the aggregator. At 10:30, the traffic had skyrocketed to over 600. It closed the day at 875, with over 80% of the traffic going to that specific article. It's still the single-day high post on Around the Grid, but I leave it out of any stats I come up with, since it's essentially an aberration.

The all-time most popular legitimate article I've written was from my early days. But most of the traffic that comes from that is looking for a picture of the guest character Droxine, from a 3rd-season episode of TOS Star Trek; so I could really still claim that the search is turning up oddball connections. Except that I mentioned Droxine, Diana Ewing, William Ware Theiss and that gown in the article, so some legitimacy is there (sigh).

Pappy Enoch

Well, Mistophur Au, "virtual hillbilly" fetches me faster'n a circuit-ridin' preacher wolfs down a plate of fried chikkin.

So does "hottest hunk of burnin' love in the fake or real worlds," but that ain't weird at all.

HeadBurro Antfarm

I've been following these since the early days of my blogging (pre-SL, not that I can remember such a time now). My faves on my SL blog are:

xx burro sex
phallic steampunk
naked cock

my secret place by magellan

"federico perenti" - I have no memory of ever typing these words so how someone came to my blog with them is anyone's guess!

"Where's mt mate" - Well if you don't know, how the hell do you expect Google to know!?

Thanks to NWN:
SL Giant Cock - After a post of mine was covered on NWN about a phallic shaped land mass in-world, I get lots of searches for that :-D


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