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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


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Maggie Darwin (@MaggieL)

Well, how about that. LL may not generate much direct revenue from a NPIOF freebie avatar, but at least they can sell ads on secondlife.com. :-)

Tristin Mikazuki

I think its evdience that people are leaving Second Life for greener pastures.
LL has latley been treating its customer base VERY badly and people are fed up and leaving.
On a side note the online game I work at has about 25% more customers from Dec '08 quite a few have come from SL ;-)
LONG live LLs bad customer service!

Robert Graf

A large percentage of the drop are folks like myself who are refusing to login or buy anything inworld. Linden Labs has only themselves to blame for this. Constantly changing ground rules, insider corruption, and total lack of customer service are just a few of the reasons I left. SL just isn't worth the time, money, and frustration anymore. I and others are moving on to greener pastures - opensim/OSGrid. The trickle of people leaving SL is rapidly turning into a flood and Linden Labs has only themselves to blame for this. Notice they don't publish "residents online now" on their website front page anymore. And that number was manipulated. Wonder what the real number is down to now? 10,000 - 20,000 maybe. lol ;)_~~~

Ann Otoole

It isn't bot removal lmao. Although some have been removed.

The bigger story at the moment is the LL job listings page. I do so wish I had the qualifications for some of those roles that *will* make a difference.

But I don't. All I will ever be is a content creator. Oh well.

Galatea Gynoid

If it's due to bots leaving, it will have no real impact on the economic figures. If it's due to people leaving, you'll see the same dip in economic figures. Seems to me it shouldn't be that hard to check, one way or the other.

Tristin Mikazuki

If ya look at a few of the Labs friends sim and stores guess what.. traffic bots LOl
Just look at LostDog 8 bots in the middle of the sim and usally 2 to 5 more on the east side just standing there.
The traffic drop is just people leaving SL its dieing off.

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