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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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Delinda Dyrssend

More stories of the humans behind the avatars. I know sometimes with the anonymity factor this can be difficult but some of the stories I've heard from time to time are just so interesting and it sort of gives a bit of insight into why they do what they do in SL. Also maybe more about Machinima that comes out of SL and Live Music of course. :-)

Morris Vig

I think that the ever-evolving land situation is more than worth your time. Rumor has it that standard mainland property values are tanking while places like Bay City and Nautilus are still ridiculously high. Is it true? I can speak to Bay City (yes, they are high), but what of the rest?

For that matter, what's happening in those Linden-established mainland communes? Good? Bad? Same old, same old?

Then you have Zindra. The transition of the adult businesses has not gone as smooth as some would like.

For better or worse, virtual land is the bedrock of the virtual economy. Probably worth an article or two...?


How about covering the bot\camping restrictions debacle. I still see a million campers and bots everywhere I go.

My theory is this. LL knows if they remove bots and campers altogether that it will affect the daily logon numbers something fierce, so somehow, they are trying to slowly get rid of the bots and campers, but this is innefective. Let's go on a camper\bot hunt!

But, we can't, because of the crazy shady bot\camp policy that makes no sense whatsoever.

Carla Broek

Machinimas, yes please:)

An experimental machinima I recently made: http://www.vimeo.com/6432292

jjccc coronet

It should be covering me because i am the most important person in second life. Like i sent the editor an email telling him my new art gallery is open which is absolutley fabulous by the way, and were is my story article ---- zipp nada zlitch i just dont no what this place is coming to. Look see for your self and you will understand why i should have reporters following me about constantly and then you tiny rag will become instant exciting . so go here and be prepared to get your socks blown off http://slurl.com/secondlife/Egremont/83/53/22

Sioban McMahon

I'd like to see some discussion of LL's work to control or at least keep up with griefers.

Adric Antfarm

I think we need more coverage of perhaps the most important person if not in SL, then the entire civilized world.

That person being jjccc and his art gallery which is much more (it's a dance club, it's a multimedia experience, hell - I think I felt God in there as well).

That he doesn't have reporters following him around is further proof of the mainstream media elite.

Ari Blackthorneā„¢

@ Delinda - here's one for you:

And I concur, the first-life alternatives to the second-life persona's are interesting. But also 'feedback' from the grid population with regard to Linden Lab policies - not the negative stuff, there's enough of that on the SL blogs. But rather the positive or those who are newly made aware.


I just wrote a little diddy and it goes like this:

Bot bot, dibbity bot. Bot bot, dibbity bot. Everywhere I go, bot bot, dibbity bot.

Dibbity dibbity bot!

Bot Bot!

Still a work in progress. This song is for all the bots out there that I still see everywhere. and the campers too. Eating up all the resources, like a sponge.

Bot Bot! Dibbity Bot!

See, it's a catchy little ditty. I'll post it on Youtube this week if time permits.


Here is another camper place:

Elite Estates 110,119,23

Listed as Elite Designs Castles

always has 40 campers or more.


Another place.

Insomnia: Urban Style
Ghastbury 67, 55, 89

20 campers always

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