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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


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Anthony Cappetto

And then our virtual selves can contact our physical selves creating the physical/virtual circle of events - one and all... many positive possibilities...

Toxic Menges

Is Aimee sat on a prim spacenav? I want one (looks hopeful!!!) Where can i get it ?

And to stay OT the possibilities just took a very very interesting turn in SL.

This is a whole new box to think outside of.

Iggy O

If I were able to log into SL from within SL and made my avatar meet my avatar, would I explode?


What if after the second avatar logged in, she came into the room, but you found you couldn't control her. And she started typing weird stuff about yourself that only you knew.



Richard Meiklejohn

This IS fantastic and gives those of us interested in using SL with enterprise clients the kind of functionality that is essential. But 'You'll just have to be patient' is not a roadmap. How can companies and developers who aren't on the 'inside' plan their developments? I have a client right now that we could pitch too... if we knew when this was coming. As it is, the opportunity may well be lost.

Arcadia Codesmith

Just one more tweak to the RL/SL algorithm and I can have my avatar sit and stare blankly at a computer screen each night while I go find a nightclub and dance the night away. I just hope she's restrained with the emotes.

ColeMarie Soleil

That is pretty wild. :D
Not sure how practical it is but
:) interesting


Aimee - seriously hot work. KUDOS!

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