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Friday, September 25, 2009


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Harper Ganesvoort

I would flatter myself that I choose as classic and timeless as possible, a la Audrey Hepburn (our Gracious Lady). That's only when I'm not feeling in a more wigged-out mood, though; Audrey would never wear some of the hairstyles I've sported in Second Life! And I doubt she'd be into boots or cybersuits, when I'm exploring a cyber/dystopian region. But on an average day, clean lines and good colors are my preference, just like she would do.

Crap Mariner

My original White Suit look was based on local television newsfreak Marvin Zindler (the reporter responsible for the closing of the infamous Chicken Ranch and inspiration for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.)

I would hardly say I admired the man, though.

(Current look has no direct RL basis.)


Sioban McMahon

Marvin Zindler! "Slime in the ice machine!!!!!!" I remember him from TV in Houston.

My SL look is how I'd dress in RL if I had the money and the figure. LOL Not patterned after anyone in particular, just what I like.

Ann Otoole

Why of course those uber sexy reptilians that constantly annoy Mr. Ecke and control the planet are the inspiration for Reptilian fashion.

Not. I control the planet.

Adric Antfarm

Arnold Rimmer, a fashion example for me.

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