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Friday, September 25, 2009


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Tymmerie Thorne

Here is mine. LOL - it seems odd to put my full name in the post itself - but hey, if that is what works, that is what works! IDK if is it presented in an interesting way though. I'll leave that decision to you:


Dedric Mauriac

Just about every picture I poste on my blog has the coordinates within the picture itself. I try to mention people of whom I meet, and most of my posts have pictures, as I cross-post to the blog using blogHUD. The one feature blogHUD lacks is linking actual SLURL's in my posts though.

Hamlet Au

You don't necessarily need your full name in every post, Tym, as long as it's clearly displayed on the blog somewhere.

In your post, where's the SLurl to the party you mention? That's not immediately clear. And how come the xStreetSL link doesn't take me directly to the helmet you mention?

Manx Wharton

Isn't having a purely-SL-only blog a little reductionist? And, if so, is there a bright line you establish between SL blogs and blogs with RLish content? Does it have to be all-SL, all the time?

I know some outstanding commentary blogs that are, say, 40% SL/VR. It'd be unfortunate to miss those because of an arbitrary convention.

Just curious. Cheers

Manx Wharton

Oh duh. You were talking about the post *itself*. My bad. Disregard!


Harper Beresford

Hamlet, bless your heart, YES! I HATE when there is no SLURL, no name, no idea of where to find the store if it's a fashion blog, no idea where to find the article referenced, etc. Yeah, it takes some time. Five minutes extra total per blog for me. Thank you for reminding everyone ;)

Liliana Barrs

Hello :)

You're so right, Hamlet!
I always wonder why not every blogger at least includes the SLURLs in their postings, it is a lot easier to find what you're searching for.

I am always trying to go with all your points above, cause I think it's better in that way.
My pics are hosted at flickr in high resolution, so you always can click on it in the blog and take a better look at what I am showing.

As an example my last posting: http://undefinedthingies.blogspot.com/2009/09/shop-n-hop-with-lili.html


Adric Antfarm

Oh I agree with all that.


Adric Antfarm

Now I have something serious....

The kids alerted me Disney was making fun of Second Life tonight and I got a few seconds of this gem. Cox guide said first run, so we are still on the radar (as least with the tween writer crowd).


Ari Blackthorne

Oooh... I hope I pass the acid test! :)


Corcosman Voom

Here's a post from The Chilbo Road Press by my fellow blogger, Kristine Kristan, from Thursday the 24th. It does contain the three elements mentioned and is written in clear and direct language.


Teal Etzel

My pet hate would be no SLURL's. When I first came into SL I used the blogs to help me discover places, fashion and news. It helped the learning curve considerably. I noticed then (2007) and still now is that not only are SLURLs not included in a post but bloggers don't refer much to other bloggers. So at the start I was reliant on the reading/blogging habits of a few of the bigger blogs. I still find this aspect of Second Life intriguing.

Ciaran Laval

SLURLS, they should be linked in full format, I oft forget to do this myself but instead of linking them as a word in a blog post, use the full slurl, that way people who aren't using the client at the time know not to click the link.

Lalo Telling

Not everyone writes about Second Life the same way. So far, my posts have needed neither SLurls or photos.

On the other paw... I do have one about SL pregnancy that's chock full of links to XStreet. And I'm inworld while I write this, about to head over to RMB City to see what I can shoot, to enter that contest I read about here... so, maybe I'll have some pics posted in my blog soon.

Nykti Harcourt

Honestly, I was looking at blogs long before I got into blogging myself, and much of what you say should be included (and yet it isn't?!) seems more like a "duh, why wouldn't you?" type of deal. Are there lots of blogs out there that DON'T do this? Weird.

Anyways, here's a standard post of mine. I've gotten lax in the last couple of weeks, but your post kicked my butt into gear to making an helpful and informed post!


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