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Thursday, September 17, 2009


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Maggie Darwin

This sort of thing may be a little easier in the future with Aimee Trescothick's VNC media plug-in. I understand there's work in-progress to bring the media plug-in API to Snowglobe...

We still have the issue of distinguishing VW nesting levels visually, of course. :-)

Phoenix Psaltery

Very, very cool indeed.



WOW! What an interesting weave of realities. The clip also so nicely captures SL interactions and how real relationships develop. I will be looking for the film when released.


Gwyneth Llewelyn

This is simply awesome... Berardo Carboni is a genius. The fun thing is that for a SL resident, the "cartoon" is immediately identifiable with SL, since we are so used to the animations, expressions, movements, camera movements, and so forth... but it doesn't look like SL, but just as an incredibly detailed cartoon!

If this catches on, the Japanese studios that spew out a cartoon per week for their so many huge series will start doing it all inside SL... :)

Iggy O

Serious...I feel one of those "immersive moments" coming on. Tremendously good. I just have to see this entire film now.


This marriage of VW and RW video is what will be required to take Machinima to mainstream television. :)

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