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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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Bettina Tizzy

Nowadays, the woman who types for Bettina is mostly barefoot, but when she does getting around to donning a pair of shoes, it is nearly always boots. After reading this, Bettina needs to go shopping. Great writeup.

Gwyneth Llewelyn


I have to confess, I can't even find such gorgeous boots iRL... :) Thanks for looking for them in SL for us and sharing what you found, Iris!

Oh, btw, and those images are simply stunningly well done! When I first read this article and just saw the smaller version of the pictures, I thought: "what, is this an image from Second Life??". Then I thought, well, this is NWN, they really have to be pictures from SL and not any competing product...

And people are still complaining about the "bad, outdated renderer"... *sighs again*. Your images show that there is nothing "bad" or "outdated" about the SL rendering engine, you just have to know how to take good pictures!

Alicia Chenaux

It's great to see that someone wrote up G Field! My first experience with their shoes was not great [ok, I flat out hated the sandals I was forced to buy] but since that time I've grown to just LOVE the creations there. I'm going to need those boots now!!

Harper Ganesvoort

Boots are definitely my favorite footwear, and I believe they can be worn any time of the year (although fall is a logical time for them). But I wish that we could wear the uppers of our boots when we're wearing long pants! It gets frustrating to have pant cuffs poking through the leather (grin).

Iris Ophelia

Really good point, Harper! That's why I'm always ultra grateful when a designer includes the pants on an underwear layer! Off the top of my head I know that LeeZu, Zaara, PixelDolls, Opium, DE Designs, Aoharu, MG, and LeLutka usually seem to have underpants-pants included, and I'm sure there are tons of others though you usually really need to look closely to find them, and sometimes they're not super consistent either. In the first picture I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans from SLInk on a pants layer, but the boots have wide enough ankles that the cuff isn't visible. Although, something else to remember! A lot of boots now, like the J's and the Bax Boots, have invisiprims as an option around the calves to hide any brea-through mesh issues-- including pant cuffs!

And thanks Bettina and Alicia! ^^ And Gwyneth! I've been trying to get away from Photoshopping my article pictures much, so I'm glad that the images aren't suffering from that scale-back!

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