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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Alicia Chenaux

This whole "Omg, don't watch my boobs BOUNCE in SL!" just proves to me that people will find anything to complain about, no matter how small.

Tristin Mikazuki

OMG thats so sexist.. where the crotch physics? ;-)

*someone had to say it* snickers

Gahum Riptide

WOW, people get offended over comically bouncing tits in SL? Really?

Buckaroo Mu

Vote vote vote! http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-15866 - import this feature to the standard LL viewers.

Impalah Shenzhou

In two words: in-credible.

I take my hat off to Danny... this is one of the most interesting improvements I saw on viewers :-)


PS - The wankers club is still celebrating the news.

Impalah Shenzhou (again)

More info: installed and tested right now.

It's like the video, and more.

Congrats again.

PS - is this the first step to a full muscle simulation? amazing, really amazing


jigglers released, massive sucking sound as residents change to emerald. followed immediately by third party viewer policy. hmmm

Nalates Urriah

Breast physics was one of the most discussed features in the viewer policy discussion.

...leave it to geeks to make breasts a math problem ...

Jennnnna Jameson

Seriously people, relax.

The fact that over 50,000 people downloaded it in one week says people wanted this.

Don't let a few self righteous nuts take it away!!

PS I played around with the settings. To make things extra jiggly, check out the settings and instructions on my blog:


Melissa Yeuxdoux

If realism is the concern, then surely any dampening factor should be an attribute of the undershirt, so it could set to values ranging from being the ultimate sports bra to being nonconstrained.

I must await flexible sculpted prims, alas--there was a test Imprudence client with that enabled, and the results were quite impressive.

This does make me wonder, though. If avatar shape parameters are sent to the client so they can be rendered locally, surely it won't be long before someone writes an SL client that lets you specify a transformation to be done on the fly to suit one's preferences, e.g. if the avatar shape is female, then set leg length to 100, set breast size to 100, set waist size to... etc. Or even "If this is DonaFulana DeTal, set..."


There is no sexism in SL!

None! We are all enlightened individuals who don't play those other stupid kinds of games. In fact SL is NOT a game.




By the way, is there a viewer where I can fix everyone's microencephaly problems?

That would be most helpful.

Doreen Garrigus

melponeme, if you find that, will you let me know? That's a particular pet peeve of mine.

Just to let everyone know, these are not comically bouncing breasts. Emerald did it right. This is subtle and quite human looking.

Nexus Burbclave

Comically bouncing or not, I predict that there will be a machinima chase scene featuring this new functionality and Yakety Sax within the next two weeks.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

"...I predict that there will be a machinima chase scene featuring this new functionality and Yakety Sax within the next two weeks."

And somewhere, Benny Hill will be smiling.


I think the effect is not comical at all but reasonably realistic (at least with the settings I have) - they aren't "comically bouncing" at all.
This is harmless, amusing and if anything, more natural than the rigid things we have had until now.

I'm constantly impressed by the skill the Emerald people have in bringing improvements and fixes into their viewer.

DagnyT Dagger

It is beyond me that people would complain that their avatar's breasts move. Uhm...if you don't want large jiggling boobies...don't make your avatar have them. Simple, problem solved.

The question now is, can they make an ass jiggle when it is slapped?

Arcadia Codesmith

While I think the drama over the jiggle viewer is overblown (and the coding is clever, regardless of the triviality of the application), it does point out a broader issue -- when you give the end user greater control over how they perceive aspects of the virtual world, does that weaken the consensual basis of vituality?

Consider the environment settings in the official client. I can set my viewer to override local settings and bathe me in perpetual sunlight. If I visit a vampire sim with my personal daylight cranked up to full, then I'm going to experience the world of pasty-faced children of the night much differently than the builder intended, to the point that my settings actually contradict the fundamentals of the mileau ("why isn't everybody crumbling into dust?")

Or what if I show up at a romantic ballroom and start shouting out "yeeeeee-haw!" at random intervals because I'm listening to Miranda Lambert instead of Billie Holiday?

Those are crude examples, but even subtle differences may mean that the shared experience of the virtual environment is a little less shared. My ability to control what I see and hear negates any assumptions you have (consciously or subconsciously) of what we're experiencing together.

So while I rather like the idea of a bit of a bounce in my step, if I see myself bouncing around on the dance floor and you don't, that's one very subtle, thin wedge between our perceptions of the world.

Maybe it's silly, but I can't help but wonder what happens to the whole concept of reality (even virtual reality) when each individual can mold it to their liking.


"Hundreds of avies crushed in run on virtual trampoline store....."

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Doesn't look realistic to me. But I'm sure it's a boon to the large "Porky's" roleplay community.

Doreen Garrigus

Hey Emerald coders----I just thought of something. If you can modify sliders in real time to give us bouncing breasts, could you find a way to modify sliders in real time to give us subtle human facial expressions? The existing facial animations are cartoon-ish and better expressions can be made by tweaking the sliders slightly.


Should I begin to think about making a bra that acts as a real bra ?


i think the ban hammer is on the way :D


i think the ban hammer is on the way :D

Maya Paris

Need your own Jiggly Yolks? The FunkyEggFembots at Burning life invite you to Assimilate and BOUNCE like you never bounced before.

Video here http://tinyurl.com/yfq97yt

+ SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Tungsten/6/245/24


this is wonderful, and should be part of official viewer feature. I love this deadly. it must my avatar look more real and attractive. Cannot change back to official viewer. Will it have further improve on g-force effect when we are lying down on ground. So sexxxy.

Bobby Troughton

What about bouncing bellies for the bloated beer gut folks and pregnant ladies?

Vixen Kohime

I've been trying this for over a week and have an unusual problem... I can see the other girls breasts jiggling and they can see mine jiggle... But I can't see my own breasts jiggle at all! How come?

Ruina Kessel

Personally, I'm not offended if people watch my SL avatar boobs bounce. Whatever.

But I also don't see a problem with giving people the *OPTION* to not let their own boobs bounce on other people's viewers. Isn't that kind of similar to women having the choice to wear bras? Seriously, where is the problem with that?


OMG!! thats how LINDENS have a wank with this kinda of fun with their avatars.

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