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Monday, October 05, 2009


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Maggie Darwin (@MaggieL)

If I were Linden Research, I'd worry about this. Considering Intel now owns Havok...

chaddington boomhauer

It's not surprising, why would any company want to use SL and a closed system when there's a decent open source one available? At some point LL may realize that if they don't open the server code they're going to get pushed aside by OS grids. Their behind-the-firewall offering is already pretty useless thanks to OpenSim.

Arcadia Codesmith

If somebody could talk AMD into making a virtual world, we might end up with cheaper, faster and more efficient consumer-grade products...


Why not? LL stole so much of SL from other earlier web3d without any mention of it. Intel also has a "checkered" past with the 3D Internet as many know.

JeanRicard Broek

Not impressed...

3D Worlds

Very interesting video on the future of the 3D internet. Question remains if Opensim which is built on the Linden code really is the software to choose to make a move towards the future 3D online Metaverse.

Troy McConaghy

As far as I know, Opensim isn't "built on the Linden code."

It was my understanding that ScienceSim is a project sponsored by Intel as a testbed and demo for the upcoming SC09 (Supercomputing '09) conference, which will be held in Portland from November 14-20. More info about it can be found at http://www.sciencesim.com/wiki/doku.php

Intel may well decide to nix the project after that conference. "We achieved our goals." and all that. Reference: Orange Island.

Luc Aubret

Troy's understanding is correct, as far as I know. This project has a very specific scope and shouldn't be interpreted as a precursor to a mass-market product.

Masami Kuramoto

More than one year after the first announcement, inter-grid teleports between SL's main grid and OpenSim-based grids are still impossible. Meanwhile, OpenSim adds features such as the hypergrid (URL-based teleports between grids), megaregions etc. which Linden Lab's server doesn't offer.

As long as Linden Lab does not open up the grid at least for teleports, SL will not play any role in a future "3D internet". It will become irrelevant just like AOL and CompuServe.

Claus Van Marchent

Intel is still very much using Second Life.I was a greeter and worker on the Intel Conference project:


also a case study of this is on the Second Life site? Anyone have a link?

OpenSim is an experiment, I think this is more about Intel not wanting to use the Second Life name. As the corporate world do not like the name and what it stands for.

Saffia Widdershins

You can see more about some of the experiments being run on the Science Sim on last week's Designing Worlds show: http://archive.treet.tv/designing-worlds-fri-opensims


One of the persons in the video sure looks like a dorkmaster. That is the honest truth.

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