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Monday, October 12, 2009


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Ann Otoole

They need to just go world wide since LL won't. SL needs some forward thinking business leaders making SL more attractive and mainstream since LL seems to be embarked on a contraction binge designed to drive off the existing businesses and keep only their friends they heavily promote.

In fact I expect LL to ban those 1st Meta pre paid cards forthright just to be backwards thinking, anal, and controlling.

Nightbird Glineux

@Ann: They'd probably do it by invoking trademarks.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

Coming from an Asian perspective, I think this is a GREAT idea, as many of us who can't or will not use a credit card are hindered from buying things in SL. Personally, I'd use this service even if I can use my credit card, just so I can control my SL spending, as things can easily get out of hand once one starts buying stuff, lol.

This is something that we have long ago expressed as a need, and with it finally possible,I don't think LL will ban it, as it will most definitely improve the economy and encourage people to spend more.

It's actually a good thing that LL didn't get to think about this first...with so many things to do, I think it's best to leave some of the innovation to other people who can focus on giving the best service...then again, I can also see this being acquired by the Lab just like Xstreet.

aileen sim / tyra fierrens

Hi Hamlet thanks for posting this.

Btw MOL is available in plenty of other countries too, including most of Europe and South America.

They're essentially a payment aggregator so you can also top up your accounts via other pre-paid cards and payment channels available in these regions.

Here's a full list: http://global.mol.com/global/portal/en/HowTopup.aspx

aileen sim / tyra fierrens

(southeast asia just happens to be the one we're focusing marketing efforts on :) )

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