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Thursday, October 01, 2009


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Metacam Oh

Linden Lab is really doing us all a favor here, all your SL domain names and business names will be worthless when the next "Metaverse" arrives.

Who wants to corner themselves into bed with them anyway?

It's really to Linden's detriment this policy and always has been.

Mo Hax

I think the education and corporate communities are on different wavelengths and paths to adoption and usage are sometimes noticeably disconnected from one another, which I discuss more in this blog post of my own.

Dale Innis

Yeah, the amusing thing here is that the Cease and Desist Letter so often leads people to think, "That's true, why am I just covering Second Life anyway? Okay, we'll rebrand ourselves as Virtual Worlds Whatever instead, and cover their competitors also". Brilliant marketing. :)

Ciaran Laval

I'm on an education mailing list, within days of LL's trademark policy being announced (as I recall), it certainly wasn't very long, the name of the mailing list had been changed from Second Life, to Virtual Worlds. This was also seen as a chance to discuss and promote other virtual worlds within education. So in reality Linden Lab's policy helped to promote other virtual worlds too.

The change was likely to have happened anyway and the list is still dominated by Second Life talk.

Tristin Mikazuki

Can I just bust a gut laughing here? ROFLAMO!!
The Lab has lost its way pretty badly.

Adric Antfarm

I can't think of stupider thing to do.

Except appoint me CEO.


The Lab have blundered from one PR disaster after another for the last 2 years. This is just a continuance of the pattern. They're just making it easier and easier for their competitors to make in-roads into the marketplace. Mindboggling!


LL issued their 'all your SLs are belong to us' IP policy in the middle of Bragg v Linden. A close reading of the Bragg filings suggests that case was the motivation for the original policy. Now we have another court case that turns, at least in part, on IP rights and another policy. Seems an interesting coincidence.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm not a lawyer, but I would think that the legal principle of estoppel would shelter entities using the SL trademark previous to the policy change. Of course, actually fighting that battle might fall under the non-legal principle of "biting the hand that feeds".

Ari Blackthorne™

/me wonders if he needs to change http://sl-ass-hat.blogspot.com/

Figures to wait for the letter first.

Ari Blackthorne

Just occurred to me me a bit ago...

Linden Lab defends their own Intellectual Property…
Defender = BAD GUYS.

Second Life Residents defend their own Intellectual Property
(a.k.a. “copybot”, etc.) Defender = GOOD GUYS

What is wrong with this picture.

Hey, Linden Lab: SUCKS TO BE YOU. ;)

ColeMarie Soleil

Hey Ari!
I just posted the same thing in the new blog :D
I was just saying

they jump to protect their own rights

But us creators who get fucked over?

We scream HELP!
They just twiddle their thumbs

I agree with you

Linden Labs needs to realize where their real problems are.

Oh have I mentioned I've met lindens who don't even know how to SIT in chairs?

Man *shakes head*

Jeremy Kemp

Hey there, My heart goes out to Jokay who has spent THOUSANDS of hours creating documentation to help teachers. But just to clarify: the project is spelled SLOODLE (Simulation-Linked Object-Oriented Distance Learning Environment) and is open source. We have development projects ongoing in Metaplace and Blackboard as well as Second Life and Moodle.


Virtual educators are moving to other metaverses(Opensimulator etc). In doing this they are not placing themselves into the container Linden Lab forces them to be in. Linden Lab has lost their way.


Please also read this article:
BlackBoard investigate Second Life integration

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