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Thursday, October 08, 2009


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Hellooooo NWN-readers!
My name is Magggnnus Woodget, and I am a building addict.
My passion is to tinker kinetic sculptures and often my works revolve around the topics of robotics and cocktail-culture.
Feel free to visit my SL home Mechatiki Space to see a bit of my work.
Also I would like to invite you all to come to the opening of CYland SL which will happen on Oct 18th 10am SLT - there will be several of my creations to see and interact with. (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chronocules/218/211/2001/)

ColeMarie Soleil

Hello people. It's Cole. Usually if I'm in world, I am a machinima addict. When I can't be arsed to film. I'm probably sitting in a corner making particles or hiding in Immersiva, or holed up at the hideout checking out new videos from all over. That or I'm stalking NWN. So there you have it. >.< Exciiiiiting >.< or something :D

Extropia DaSilva

Who are you in Second Life?

Extropia DaSilva.

What do you do in-world?

I dream up topics for the Thinkers group to argue about, I think a lot about the increasing complexity of technologies and how that is requiring us to use biological principles and how that, in turn, might affect our sense of who we are, uh..oh, and I love to meet up with friends which is what SL is all about, eh?

And why?

If technologies becoming increasingly capable of modelling biological phenomenon, just maybe Philip Linden was not so crazy when he said online worlds like SL would one day reach a stage where (and I quote) "people will come out from the dust".

Sooo if anyone agrees, or not, and wants to discuss stuff like that, give me an IM:)


I am JoJa Dhara, Community Manager of Virtual Holland.
In Second Life I am just "waiting for the islands to be opened" (what i mean by that do ask or see my profile or read that in Second lives, from Tim Guest)
In the meantime "Waiting" I became one of the first greeters for a company, set up a community for a Bank, train businesses, and stimulate innovate with the Dutch Community on Virtual Holland. Set up the first Virtual World users conference "MetaMeets" in Amsterdam. (looking forward to the Dublin version)
Very curios about the virtual worlds in general, mad about cross media to connect with the real world and love to connect and organize.

"Get Connected" is my middle name!!

Lucius Nesterov

Hello all,
I started out using SL for game development, but now it's all about educational simulations. I was part of the team that produced a virtual quarry (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoMfjfK3NLg). I did a degree in Virtual Reality 6 years ago, so I guess I fall into the category of zealot.


Hello, i'm Loki Eliot,
I often read NWN and Massively to keep up to date with current dramas. Two weeks time on the 21st ill be celebrating my 4th Rezday. It's been fun watching the Grid evolve over the years, never in the way we hoped or hyped.

I spend most of my time working on new ways to make memorable experiences in SL. A lot of the time i call upon old nostalgic memories, and also historical traditions to share with all the people from around the world. I find it amazing that what once was a small town tradition long ago is now sumfin i can share with people in SL.

I am, and always have been a Childlike Avatar. I dont think ive ever had any problems from people because of this. My Island goony Island was created as a nostalgic reminder of adventures when i was young, i never thought being able to revisit those days would be possible.

I am aslo a steampunk and have a place in New Babbage where i own an old theatre, and absinthe cafe and i just recently bought a new plot to build some shops. Every year around this time i do a large freeform RPG for residents of Babbage to take part in.

I'm an all round creative person and enjoy graphics, filming, writing and technology, so Second life incorporates all that i love in life.

Second Life is getting harder though. Financially i find it hard to keep going. If it were not for my friends i've made here and the sense of virtual being, i think i would have already left to cheaper pastures. Goony island is still around thanx to all its fans who donate to the tier.

I would like to express and explore more in SL, but what i do is not a business and there for i cant afford it. Thats why events like SL6B and Burning Life are so important to me, it gives me a chance to build new ideas :)

Check out my blog :) www.slgoonies.com

Elrik Merlin

Hi… I'm Elrik Merlin, and I've been in Second Life since late March 2007.

I live in Caledon Rothesay in SL, and am an active broadcaster, running a couple of shows a week plus occasional events on Radio Riel, and I'm co-host with Saffia Widdershins on Designing Worlds, the weekly live Treet.tv show on design and designers in virtual worlds (http://j.mp/4CSUPD)

I also have a presence on some other virtual worlds including some Open Sims and Blue Mars, which I am exploring as limited time permits.

I'm involved in the video and audio production teams working on the Step UP! programme to raise awareness of content theft in virtual worlds – see http://stepupsl.wordpress.com/.

I'm also interested in education in virtual worlds and I lecture occasionally on broadcasting and production in virtual environments.

AgileBill Firehawk

Need to save a few coins for your business? Hi, I'm AgileBill Firehawk/Krebs. I coach teams software development teams in agile project management and engineering. Yet I feel agile, Scrum, and Lean have uses beyond development.

In addition to founding my own consulting business, I partner with other companies to create the mix of skills you need to solve problems. One problem facing us all is working with remote team members, from the work at home parent in our country, to the engineer across the globe. Virtual worlds offer a great solution for team building and expanding your network faster than ever before possible.

I'm a certified Scrum Master, Scrum Practitioner, and certified Myers Briggs step 1 and step 2 facilitator. I'm pursuing a certificate in virtual worlds through the University of Washington. You can find me teaching at Rockcliffe University in Second Life (tm).

See ya on the Grid(s)! AgileBill - teaching 3d to Agilistas, and Agile to all.

Vooper Werribee

Hello, I'm Vooper Werribee in SL. I view SL as a multiplayer game development platform that allows independent game developers the chance to have a go at designing and running their own version of 'World of Warcraft'...or hopefully something much more imaginative! So, that's what I do! Why do I do it? I run an independent game development business, so I'm one of the growing people for whom SL is a work tool.

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you want to see what I've come up with so far, type 'Splintered Rock' into search and head on over...and yes, you might of heard of that sim on these pages before ... we're the ex-'Dune'(TM) Roleplaying sim who were asked to remove intellectual property owned by the Herbert Estate back in April this year. Still around and still having fun!

Miskat Qinan


Miskat Qinan


Owner of | endless |, custom builds and design and inworld artist (currently at Poetik and GODart) & photographer.


Because I enjoy it, love to make pretty things and like to make people (re-)think.

Crap Mariner

I am Crap Mariner.

The monster under my bed is afraid of *me*.



I lurk on your blog too -- on the rare days I make it to SL, I'm Greglas Rimbaud.

Delinda Dyrssen

Im Delinda Dyrssen. I Came into sl out of curiosity and almost left after a short time but soon discovered Live Music and Sailing were there, Followed by Art and meeting people with common interests that I could actually go out and "Do" things With. Now I try to give back to the community a little bit by helping to Produce Live N Kickin by Perfect World Productions on Treet.TV and by running The Pocket on Friday nights for Live music showcases. I love making TV in SL. To me its probably alot like it was making RL TV in the early days. But what I value the most is the friendships Ive made and hope to continue to make along the way.

Dale Innis

I would just like to point out that I read this headline as, roughly, "Introduce your body, please!".



Well, this is my nose, and these are my knees...

(More about me can be found at that weblog there.)

JW Russell


JW Russell

A.k.a. MrCane, ShitStirrer, Troublemaker, Instigniator, Mr Bigmouth, Mr Badass


Freeformat roleplaying as Human DPSer in CCS based sims (mostly urban post apocalysis themed). Being a "bad sided" human in the game, living the hard live in the shadows of the streets


Just for fun, since the business I had in SL slowed down and stopped due to the fact I couldn't compete to full-time SL only dedicated designers. But the RP within SL is reason enough to log in on a weekly basis

Wildstar Beaumont

Hello, I am Wildstar Beaumont.
I am a customer in a world of creative merchants, a resident in a world of landlords, a listener in a world of storyteller and a fan in a world of performers :)

I like to explore SL (I occasionally explore OSGrid, Openlife and Reaction Grid), and learn what the world has to offer.

In time people in the victorian sims have started to call me "Captain" because I like to sail, so I now play the part more and more. I love SL sailing, more the exploration than boat racing or pirate roleplaying. I am usually a lone wolf in my adventures, and I love to circumnavigate SL continents and challenge the mainland straits :)

I am a follower of live events, music, readings and virtual theater (I love the Second Life Shakespeare Company).

From time to time, when I am inspired, I engage in some photographic campaigns

Elsbeth Writer

I'm Elsbeth Writer. I'm a landscape photographer inworld and own a business called Picture Your World. I sell framed landscapes (you need something on your walls right?)and do advertising photography for SL businesses. I also lead a group called Wandering Photographers. We travel to a different location each week and share ideas for shots, help each other with problems, and learn about amazing SL locations.Why do I do this? I love being able to travel "for free". I joined SL for the scenery and stayed because of friends and activities.

Eladrienne Laval

Eladrienne Laval here. I've been in SL since Feb. 2007. I'm a historic clothing creator, texture maker and virtual world explorer. I spend most of my time as a steampunk neko in the historic sims of SL such as Steelhead and Caledon, or as a tiny squirrel in Raglan Shire when I am not out and about finding new places to share in my blog with everyone.

Debbie Trilling

Hi...Debbie Trilling. My third rez-day is in 8 days.

Spend most of my time in SL working with the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP), the art house production company behind 'The Wall V-2', 'The Rings' and 'Metropolis'.

For Burning Life 2009, I am working on the burning of 'The Wicker Man' installation that traditionally closes the festival.

Have recently started learning the Art of Machinima but am still getting my head around the software and various techniques.

Why? Simply for the love of it :)

Arwyn Quandry

Arwyn Quandry, Ex-Teen Blogger and Roleplayer

I run my own blog, Transitions from TSL, and resided on the Teen Grid for a little over a year before transferring this summer, making me an advocate for SL Teens and the Teen Grid. I also occasionally write for Shopping Cart Disco. After transferring, I took up Gorean Roleplay, and can be often found flouncing about Salernum on the Sands of Time sim. At first I worried what people would think of my roleplaying, but I'm now very much at peace with myself - people will think what they want of me. I do some photography as well, am learning Photoshop, and have an interest in modeling and fashion.

I don't have a shop or build anything, nor am I really much of an SLebrity - I'm just in world having fun and discovering new things, trying to find my place in our big virtual world.

Arcadia Codesmith

I have a variety of avatars in Second Life, but Arcadia is my oldest aspect, dating back to 2004. I don't play her much anymore, but she's my posting face, for continuity's sake.

I like to make stuff in Second Life. I've made skins, clothing, scripts, animations, furniture, songs, music videos, houses, temples, jewelry, enemies, friends and love.

Things I haven't made: my fortune, a name for myself, the annual FIC list.

Why? Money bores me to tears. I've had a tiny taste of fame in real life, and it left me satisfied and content, but not especially hungry for more. I'm perfectly happy to make something I like, maybe show it to a few friends, and then drop it into inventory and get on with the next project.

But I'm not a sandbox hermit; I like attending live music events, dancing and talking to people (though I'm afraid my topics of conversation lean heavily towards the geeky). I love shopping, unless I'm actually looking for something specific, in which case it usually drives me nuts.

In real life, I'm a tabby/siamese mix named Jasmine who enjoys cuddling, basking in the sun, and dismembering small insects. Or I'm a human of some sort. I forget which.

Noreen Strehlow

My Second Life identity is Norma Underwood. At first I focused on promoting a book I wrote and spent quite a bit of time in sandboxes and building classes. Then I discovered ISTE island and turned my focus to learning how to use Second Life to teach and to expand my personal learning network. I still love to build, I design clothing and have professional women's attire as freebies for new teachers. I spend most of my time now on our teen island working with middle school kids.

Ann Otoole

Ann Otoole here. I make weird stuff that apparently some folks like. I also (as long as my weird stuff pays the bills) maintain a large public photo garden for folks to use for taking posed pics using background textures.

I write a lot in various places too. :P

Cecille Enoch

Hi, I'm Cecille Enoch in Second Life® and after being a very active resident I'm now graduating from SL™ sorta ...

At the moment I'm keeping an eye on the Electronic Dance Music scene in Second Life® while combining that with my love for music outworld. Currenty working on my music . first project.

Why? Because DJ's take their fav music from their real lives into SL™. They can't 'pretend' they like a certain style of music in SL™ and sometimes it's good to appreciate the talent that is active inworld and let people outside of SL™ know about them.

Apart from that I'm not really active in Second Life® anymore *gulp*

Gianna Borgnine

Hello! I'm Gianna Borgnine. I'm a big NWN fan, but a major lurker.

I own a company in RL that offers professional solutions (content creation, marketing, etc)to help organizations maximize the full potential of virtual worlds so I am often in-world working on new projects. When I am not working, I love to explore SL for new experiences, art, etc. I also enjoy socializing with the many residents I've had the privilege of meeting there.

I love virtual worlds because if you can dream it, you can create it or be it. I believe that the potential of virtual worlds is still largely untapped and I enjoy watching and participating in pushing the limits of where they can take us.

Bixyl Shuftan

I'm known as Bixyl Shuftan in Second Life. I'm a reporter (and the screenshot cartoonist) for Second Life Newspaper (www.sl-newspaper.com). In real life, I've taken pride in keeping up with the news. Now, I'm helping to cover it here.



Skate Foss

Hi all! I'm Skate Foss, Second Life Mentor.
I really love SL, and always like to volunteer to help make SL an enjoyable experience for everyone. I've helped out at events such as Burning Life and SL5B and SL6B.
This Wednesday. Oct 14 will be my 3rd Rez Day.
I'm an avid SL explorer and photographer. I have posted 1000's of pic's of places in SL to visit on Snapzilla.
I also own and manage my own tropical island sim.
If you see me inWorld, stop and say hello!

Lucrecia Slade

Hi, I'm Lucrecia Slade, I'm in SL since July 2007, and I have a store of Brazilian Carnival and folkloric costumes, called Samba Brazil. I want to share my love for samba and Carnival with all residents. ^^

I also make a magazine too, in Portuguese, with a friend, Alyne Dagger, where we talk about a lot of things about Second Life.

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