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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


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Crap Mariner

Chestnut Rau pointed out Travis Darmoset at Molaskey's Pub last night. Piano player, RL site at http://bentravis.com


Chestnut Rau

Skye Galaxy is generating a lot of buzz lately. He draws huge, adoring crowds to his frequent shows.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/skyegalaxy

Google calendar: http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=skyegalaxy%40gmail.com

Hat tip: Delinda Dryssen and Bree Burke


I always enjoy my friend Mandoaa Dragonash's performances. He has a wonderful casual style, involves his audiences and he accompanies himself with guitar, rather than singing along to "karoke". His sense of humour and ability to mock himself has gathered him a loyal following.

Crap Mariner

I'll second elusyve's props to Mando. He's a riot.

(silence on Skye)


Matthew Perreault

I'll use this forum to beg for the return of Chronic Skronski. Never been anyone like him since.

In the meantime, I like me some Norris Shepherd.


Jano Runo


Chestnut Rau

I third the support for Mando. I listened to him at Rosie Barthelmess' new venue The Patio and really enjoyed his set.


Maybe someday, Matthew.

Toxic Menges

Matthew (see above) should be better known, he's fab. Sadly playing when it's too late for me on this timezone, or when I am at work, lately. It is a rare treat when I get to see him play... :(

Delinda Dyrssen

my new favorite Rock Video from Second Life


by Pmann Sands and TB Andel

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

I used to catch Witness Go whenever he performed in world but I'm not sure he does anymore...anyone know?

Crap Mariner

Toxic - He does 10AM SLT shows several days a week that are dualcasted on UStream:


Well worth catching.


PS: If we're pining over musicians gone-and-not-forgotten, Sebastian Jacks (Sam George) and Hali Heron (Matthew Ebel) - even though Ebel plays regular Tuesday afternoon gigs on Ustream too

Toxic Menges

Crap, I can be home for 10.30, but I wants me full wholesome hour!

Stacia Villota

I spent my first year helping coordinate a few events in SL, all of which required live musicians. Because I'm such a music lover in first life, I took a lot of time exploring all the musicians I could find, in order to have a list of those I most recommended.

To this day, my hands-down favorite, the guy I'll drop everything in first or second life to come hear play (whenever possible), is Didier Soyuz.

I've heard his music described any number of ways, so I'll only add a few words to the mix: warm acoustic guitar (which he keeps in tune, bless his soul), ranging from soothing to get-up-and-dance.

He is *such* a humble guy though, and only has time to play in SL 1-2 times per week (at most), so I'm pleased to be able to raise awareness about him here. If you'd like to catch one of his shows, join his in-world group StrangeFates.

Until then, you can have a listen (and download a couple free tunes) from this website:


/end shameless fangrrrl plug... lol

Stacia Villota


I too would love to see Chronic Skronski come back, and Yan Etzel, who was THE most incredible guitar player I ever heard. Anyway I'll take a TP any time to see Sylar Morrissey and his acoustic guitar :D

Samantha Poindexter

Kaklick Martin
Zak Claxton


Here's a brand new recording from the artist formerly known as Chronic. So new that it still has that new recording smell. Test-driving my new rig tonight. :)


Matthew Perreault

Clarke/Chronic, shoot me an email sometime, love to talk again. You're the only one I know besides me who plays Toad covers... ;)

Graine Macbain

Luvvie Starsider, the Awesome Possum, the Woody Guthrie of kazoo and guitar. But if you aren't a Zen Buddhist or a Tiny, you probably won't know her. Most frequent venues: Kannonji, Raglanshire, and Smile's Beach Hut and Music. Check her out! :)

Ace Albion

Harpo Jedburgh, SL's northern soul :)

Sandy Beachey

WOW, so many new names to look out for :-)

I'll put my personal vote in for Matlock Constantine, dreamy guitar and vocals


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