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Thursday, October 15, 2009


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Ken Ley

Wow, it's going to be really interesting to follow. Though a founder leaving his/hers company is not unusual.


ColeMarie Soleil

*just crosses eyes*

*coughs more*

eep sorry.

No I'm not.

Paisley Beebe

that office is a pre=fab Dolphin Designs I think. Its a home of course, not an office Im interested in seeing what furniture he chose, Dolphin also do furnishings. I asked him about his house in SL, during my RL interview last Aug, I didn't get a sense that he was domesticated at all in SL! but M was. Maybe he is thinking of relaxing a bit more?

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Now that's breaking news... the speculation will never end!

One wonders if he'll get back in touch with Cory and Robin ;)

Tristin M

I gotta admit.. THIS one is interesting...

Iggy O


Steve Jobs leaves Apple to found NexSTEP. John Sculley comes from PepsiCo to run Apple. Apple flounders without visonary at helm.

It's deju vu all over again!

Cory was LL's Woz, IMHO...

Haney Armstrong

Love it! Onward!

Iggy O

Curse my typing..."NexTSTEP." Thanks for breaking this news, Hamlet. In class we were just discussing Rosedale's belief that the Burning Life era has ended in SL. Timing his announcement with the start of Burning Life 09 seems deliberate.

From the cheap seats, we all watch the drama unfold.

David Crespo

The truth here:

Philip was the teenager, Mitch and the board the frustrated parents.

Philip kicked out Cory.

Philip couldn't make decisions, he froze in the face of action.

The adults step in.

Hire people who can make decisions, who are accountable. Also, can be kicked out if they don't deliver.

Philip starts an alternative viewer, one in direct competition to the 100+ working on the 'official' new version. Talk about a waste of resources!

Philip leaves Linden Lab.

Philip makes new company a smaller team, without the weight of expectation of investors and user base.

New company is a great success.

Nice ending!

Filthy Fluno

Whoa! Goodluck with everything man!

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Iggy, one wonders if Philip will be back in 2015 to turn Linden Lab into a megacorp, like Jobs did with Apple :)


The Apple / Linden comparison falls way thin when one looks at the type of people who actually made the Mac , and then the Iphone, compared to the "management-cheerleader-fans- that work at Linden on the actual products.

Superficially, Jobs_Rosedale seems like a neat story, but the two coudln't be more different, and the cultures of workers, not fans, quite the opposite.


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