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Monday, October 26, 2009


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Liz Dorland (Chimera Cosmos)

Maybe, but it seriously needs new name. Seriously. :-)

Chimera Cosmos

Arcadia Codesmith

Ummmm... I hate to admit it, but when somebody mentions "analog voltmeter" in the same sentence as "love machine", social networking is not where my mind goes, unless we're talking about a very... exclusive type of network.

Lalo Telling

*chuckles at Arcadia*

Yeah, me too... followed quickly by a segment of Woody Allen's Sleeper.

But, maybe Philip has been listening to James Brown, and feels an urgency to "get on the scene..."

Dale Innis

Hahaha. Just as likely that that placard is misdirection or a practical joke. The whole region seems like some tongue-in-cheek in-joke. I mean, Philip with a completely PIRL house containing nothing remotely interesting, and a job board containing assignments that could be easily handled with a little googling and a CC number? Can't be real. What's "p squared" stand for, anyway? "Pseudo-Phil"? "Philip Parody"? :)


I am with DALE on this one. Nearly borke the edit wand at Rosedale's sim looking at every prim in the place, hoping to find anything worthy. Nothing. I never saw a new build so completely void of any talent.

In fact, to achieve this effect, across the board, seems intentional rather than a lack of taste. How can the founder of SL ignore the quality content in his own world? Sickening to see it. I'd suggest avoiding any trips over there.

Phillip's new venture falls into the category of "who cares?" Evidentally Hamlet does, but after I saw that "office", I sure don't. I am deeply offended, and feel weirdly betrayed.

Dazz Anvil

Hard to believe such an unassuming place as this - open studs, old wooden desk, no paint on the walls - such humble beginnings spawned a revolution in the retail industry and grew to be the largest retail chain the world has ever seen...


Adeon Writer

@anon "Nearly borke the edit wand at Rosedale's sim looking at every prim in the place, hoping to find anything worthy. Nothing. I never saw a new build so completely void of any talent."

Well, you have seen Philip's own avatar, right? It should serve as a statement in itself. :) You can't call the guy uncreative.

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