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Friday, October 16, 2009


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Honour McMillan

Definitely Dusan Writer's post:

Alicia Chenaux

You mean you don't read every post that I make? *weeps* :-p


We have solved your issue

Hello Hamlet Au;

Solution: Please update your blog's list of sites to include blogs that exist and have been updated in 2009. This will provide the material you seek and useful links to your readers.

Zero Grace, Young Geoffrion, Toni Bentham, Kristen Ming, to name a few are all less than useful.

In addition, your links to SLNN have been pointing to space for a while as well.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,
Customer Support
Linden Lab

Ticket #: eew-3e3e3
Date Created: 9/16/2009
Details: Open Forum: What New SL Blog Post Should We Read Now?

Robward Antwerp

Bryn Oh had a great blog recently... and of course the blogs about Ishi's retirement... both reflective and well done.

HeadBuro Antfarm

Dio Kuhr's post discussing if there are reasons to hope that SL will deliver on its promise:


Chloe Streeter

I *finally* added a new chapter to Kyūketsuki.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Hotspur Otoole


Hotspur Otoole


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