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Monday, October 26, 2009


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/me sits back with some popcorn to watch the inevitable comments on the slide's bullet points.

Of course I won't comment myself because I need my Second Life account. Everything is all fluffy bunnies and kitty kats.

Lalo Telling

I'm not going there either... there's more than enough of that in the forums. But I will note: The hype about Second Life isn't over, and the question, "Can Second Life survive it's own hype?" has yet to be answered.

Tateru Nino

Second Life gets a media hype backlash roughly every six months. Why shouldn't twitter? :)

Tateru Nino

@Lalo: Hype is, by the very definition of it false. Therefore the question "Can X live up to its hype" is a non-issue. Nothing can, and nothing ever has, because if it can, then it isn't hype.

Crap Mariner

I heard about this slide through Hamlet's link on Twitter, not through SL.

Hrm. Perhaps Twitter should be giving YOU advice about effective distribution of content, Tom.


Tateru Nino

@Crap I got it the same way. SL's not effective at spreading information. It just doesn't have the tools and infrastructure for that.

Hiro Pendragon

I have to agree with you disagreeing with Tom Hale's assessment. You got me thinking - a bit too long for comments, so I plopped it down on my blog:

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

My dry-cleaners uses Twitter now. I suppose two years ago they'd have opened a virtual cleaners in SL, not seen any ROI, and then closed :)

Twitter will be fine. I'm happiest that LL's brass can still show a sense of humor.

Account Deleted

The comparison is funny but shallow. SL could learn a lot from Twitter, the scaling of course, but also the fact that the platform was deliberately designed as an open infrastructure from day one. I *am* happy to see SL taking baby steps in this direction but bullet point two is really the trick, where "nurture" should read "let your customers show you how your platform works best." Twitter does this very well. I love you both, good luck ;)

ColeMarie Soleil

Everyone gets news from hamlet.
It's about the only real news.

Dean Groom

I must have missed something, but then I've been busy on Reaction Grid.

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