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Friday, October 02, 2009


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sounds like a classic communication SNAFU ;)

Ciaran Laval

When the trademark issue blew up many of us asked why Linden Lab had not discussed the issue before announcing the policy. It would appear Linden Lab did not pay one iota of attention to those concerns, which is why the situation described regarding this wiki have arisen.

Linden Lab, consistently refuse to listen to their userbase, it will eventually bite them in the arse.

merran fhang

How does SLUNIVERSE operate as a forum? did they get special clearance to use the SL moniker?

Iggy O

Despite the respect that educators have Pathfinder, Claudia, and others on LL's education team, many of us are still fuming. jokay has provided a wonderful service to teachers and students.

Educators keep making noises about "trying some other virtual world" where the creators will have done more planning and will provide more consistent guidance.

In time, as new alternatives come online, many of us will do more than talk about reducing our investments in SL. The brave are setting up OpenSim servers right now.

Most of us don't really need the shopping, the drama, and the impressive hair-styles that SL dishes out. We academics revel in our bad hair.

We do need solid, inexpensive, and immersive educational content that will run on the sorts of machines our students lug around, and many but not all of us need the ability to make content of our own.

ColeMarie Soleil

Linden Labs is so worried about protecting their OWN intellectual property rights but still FUCKS UP ROYALLY with the users in world screaming THEFT THEFT!

Typical Linden Labs



Someone had to say it :D

Metacam Oh

Linden really can't force you to take down your SL anything that I know of on the internet, they can just strong arm you, ie: not featuring their eduwiki anymore, or being a legitimate service provider or whatnot, Linden has no right to tell people they cant use SL in their domain name, they can strong arm people or scare them, thats about it as far as I know

Oberon Octagon

I have my own issues with Pathfinder and Claudia not responding to email and IMs that the asked me to send, so I'm not surprised by communication failures ... just very disappointed since there is so much my association has to offer LL and SL as do so many educational institutions. Do they need more staff? I have no sympathy for LL: the customer is ALWAYS right.

ColeMarie Soleil

the customer is always right unless you're inept :O

Nalates Urriah

A post at Massively points out that LL could have sent an IP notice and granted SLEducation the right of use. It protects LL and the SL ID, which I understand a court has already said can't be restricted except in very limited circumstance.

I would assume that once this dies down we will see LL open an SLeducation site of their own... otherwise this move was just bureaucratic stupidity.

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