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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Mysteryn11 Vollmar

I've been running the SL viewer on Windows 7 since the early betas and now on both the RTM Ultimate and Professional without problems.

I imagine, therefore, that if there are issues they must be from the interaction between SL Client, hardware (probably display card) and drivers.

Compatibility mode would therefore fix any problems as the memory interaction with the card would be fixed.

Brota Kornfeld

Have been running Second Life and Win7 for the duration of the beta too, and have had no problems with it

Vlad Bjornson

Me 3. Running Windows 7 since early in the beta and SL has been working well. Nvidia graphics card(s)

Elfod Nemeth

Running Windows 7 64bit for months with Nvidia with no absolutely no issues at all, even with bleeding edge viewers such as Kirstens.

Sioban McMahon

Good luck with this. When SL was interacting badly with Macs a year or so ago, LL told me that Apple needed to change their hardware and OS rather than LL fixing their Mac viewer.

Scree Raymaker

I can't run SL on the RC (Build 7100) if I use graphics drivers downloaded from Nvidia's site. SL is the only program this happens with, which means it's a problem with SL's coding, not with the drivers.


a few more replies to add into the mix

@poid Hrmp. I've run about 10 different clients (Snowglobe, Mainline, several opensource builders) on.. 32 bit and 64 bit Beta, RC and RTM, with zero issues. You do need current fully OpenGL enabled drivers

@poid FYI, I verified that viewer version 1.23.4 is working fine on Win7 RTM x64 with nVidia 9800M GTS (driver v186.81) and QuickTime too.

@poid GeForce 8800 GT and Windows 2008 R2 also working

@poid There's an issue with some net adapt that spike CPU when bursting data. Was more of a prob in vista

@poid I wonder if it could be network related? I've seen where bursting network activity drug down a system in a way that seemed graphical

@poid - unusable with W7 the Radeon HD4890 = a black screen

@poid driver updates needed for nvidia not all are auto, so need to do it manually, not all seem to work

@poid GeForce 8800 GT driver isses needed an update in order to make it work

what a weird mix of results :/


The Jira is also worth a read!


again mixed feedback

Mal Burns

Haven't got W7 so just being flippant here, but how long before we see embedded "Microsoft Metaverse Explorer" (a la IE) and what's the betting Reaction Grid is the only portal that sits nicely with it (9.net)?

Zak Escher

I have been running SL on Windows 7 since the early beta. I have a Nvidia 9800GTX+ video card. I have had some minor problems, but those have been fixed with updated video drivers.

Domchi Underwood

I had a lot of problems with NVidia drivers on Vista (crashes, BSOD, ~1 FPS on occasions).

Now, I've been running Windows 7 RC since it was released, and only thing I have problems with is VWR-5574, which screws one viewer if I run two viewers at the same time (although not always).

DagnyT Dagger

I've been running SL on Win7 since the RC was made available for download. Zero problems at all. I have an HP lappy, with some ATI video thing (not sure what kind, and I'm not on at ATM).

Anyway, just downloaded the the latest greenlife (1.23.4 based) this morning and it ran great (yay! extra attachment points!!!)


Win7 RC1 32bit + SSD + ATI Radeon HD3870 x 2 =

SL in 5040 x 1024 resolution

Issues or problems:


Ina Centaur

I've been running Win 7 RC since late May - I have not had any problems with running SL and SL inworld media features. (4gb ram/intelcore 2/nvidia geforce 8600 gt | 8gb ram/intelquad/nvidia geforce 9800 gt)

Come to my Windows 7 Launch Party inworld from 4 to 11 pm this Thursday the 22nd :-D - email me for RSVP ina.centaur at gmail.com

(We will be giving away Win 7 coupons from houseparty.com and more!)

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