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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


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Noreen Strehlow

I have a feeling that the same people who succumb to salesmen in real life are the ones who feel that pressure to buy. There are so many really good freebies to be had in Second Life that most people could get by with those, but if keeping up with the Joneses is in your blood, you may very well feel that in Second Life also. I think the only must have would be decent hair and there are lots of places that have reasonable prices.


What the heck. I buy stuff when I want, and don't when I don't want to. There's a lot of great content creators, and buying their stuff can be fun. But pressure to buy? No, it's always fully my own decision. No one's making me do anything.

Next we'll find out all those people didn't really want to climb on those poseballs, they just felt pressured.


The trends and social pressure that exist for fashionable goods probably fits with RL. Some people will go out and get the latest shirt/shoes/coat/phone.... because it makes them fit with their group or tribe. Some people resent that but still go along with it.
Others simply do their own thing.
There is also the extra elements of choosing certain experiences and needing to kit up for those, versus the casual experience of just hanging out. Places such as Deadwood, with a rich roleplay element, or having to have a halloween costume for a party or a dinner suit for a prom/ball.
They all have real world analogies of social pressure, of pursuit of belonging. It would be, as you say, very interesting to see research on this, if nothing else to prove that this is exactly the same as any other luxury we treat ourselves too as humans.

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