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Monday, October 05, 2009


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Delinda Dyrssen

Well should be a good thing for sl.. in my opinion much better than having a Nissan or Coca Cola around.. but then again I value art more than cars and soft drinks. Thanks for the Hat Tip Hamlet

Earth Primbee

My favorite part of this is Yoko saw the creative efforts of the team as a potential collaboration rather than jumping on the WE WILL SUE YOU bandwagon.

Just one sign of what forward instead of backward protectionist thinking can do for the world.

I think John would be proud of everyone involved.

Arcadia Codesmith

Sending a case of instant karma (the good kind) to everybody involved. Well done!

Leeza Catteneo

This is so exciting! Thanks for the Hat Tip Hamlet! I'll forward it to Jura Shepherd who discovered the "Tower" and wrote the article for ROLE Magazine =D


ColeMarie Soleil

*can't wait until opening and is very exciting*

Jura Shepherd

I hat tip Sesi Ackland since she actually told me about it but either way it's just kinda cool. As Delinda mentioned, it's one thing for a huge company to bring their brand into SL but this is a whole different thing. Although I didn't speak with her, my gut says Ono "gets it" and to me, that's really the coolest part.

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