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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


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Sioban McMahon

Great article, Iris. Mismatched seams make me crazy.

Sasy Scarborough

Great article, it really does make a difference knowing how the mesh works, how the template is, and how lighting and body size can play a big part in a completed look.

Thanks for a great and insightful article.

Otenth Paderborn

What an excellent article! Thank you!

Gahum Riptide

Great points to look out for. I have to give designers MAJOR props who battle with matching patterns along seam lines. It's not easy but it can be done, and is very effective. However, I sometimes say that if you aren't good at matching patterns across seams, then play UP the seams. Even in RL patterns don't always match across seams (look at RL kimono made of printed fabric, such as the one here), and I love when a skilled designer actually does show seams, but does them properly.

Kal Rau sells a full perm shirt template that does just this. It has shading along the template seams, but also wrinkles along the seams showing the "stress" you'd get.

On the other hand, there's not really a good excuse for things like hems not matching, and halos around the edges.

Chestnut Rau

Excellent post!

Madame Maracas

All very good points!

When I look at promotional images for clothing by a designer I don't know and trust their diligence, if I cannot see their shoulder seams, under arm seams, over the hip/thigh seams, I will presume that they didn't bother to align them properly and move on.

I'm a picky stinker that way.

It is a pain in the butt to get that stuff aligned, but if I can do it I expect others to do the same before I part with my hard-earned L's.

- Madame

Leeza Catteneo

I really hope that LL will introduce a new meshed avatar soon instead of leaving it to the residents to handle a 7 years old Poser 1 "anatomy" and it's poorly developed and totally messed up (nearly untexturable) spots.

Some of the triangles on the mesh doesnt even make sense and make it way harder to design without guessing and "endless" trial and error.

The whole mesh was obviously not developed to get an paintable UV-Map. Not getting deeper into "fingers" and the rest od the "anatomy", now.

It's just kind of a joke that LL is pretending to build a future orientated platform with the most outdated mesh available in the virtual world.

Maybe this could be the next *shout* LL is listening to instead of 55.000US$-behind-a-firewall-SL-surprises which have the same avatar. It would enrich the SL experience for everyone and suit LL's real customers.

Rodion Resistance


If LL did that (i.e. change the avatar mesh), what happens to the zillions of clothing being sold currently inworld?

Leeza Catteneo

@ Rodion

I'm sure there could be a transition period and maybe even an option to choose a certain avatar. I think it's already possible.

But in the end of the day new clothes for a well developed and new meshed avatar would look even better. And it's not only clothes. It's the whole appearance of avatars walking around in SL.

And a lot of designers are actually begging for this for a long time now and for real meshes instead of sculpties.

Those 2 things would be groundbreaking news and add new challenges and therefor FUN to create new things. And I think it's about time.


i have thought for a long time that they should come up with a second mesh to choose from in apperince mode (i am picturing a button to switch between the two like how you can switch from male to female in app mode). so that when you want to wear an outfit made for the first mesh you still can. designers could then tell people which mesh there clothing was made for (female mesh original or the new advanced female mesh) maybe designers would even sell two versions so that people could deside. it sounds exciting and very much something i would be happy to have in my apperince mode to choose from. and more advanced sliders for the new mesh would be great

Menno Ophelia

Great post Iris!

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm not a 3D expert, but wouldn't it be possible to implement an optional function to mathematically convert existing clothing textures from the old mesh to the new(regardless of perms)? It wouldn't be a perfect solution, but it might save my 'Last Call' from the back of the closet in the event of a mesh upgrade.


Its nice to see a post about texture bleeding in a popular blog ! Stretch/bleed is something I always have to fight against when creating new clothing, and the fact that most of the bleed is due to the poor texture mapping of the avatars needs to be known and widely spread !

However, some of these stretching areas COULD be adressed with very little work from LL, WITHOUT altering existing content.
I allow myself to place here a link to a jira report I made some time ago, about the top of the tigh area. Click on the two gif images to see what could be done. Left is the solution I propose, right is what we have now.
I crawl at your feet for you to vote for it ! This fix would allow us to create many things that are just impossible to make today without the ugly stretch we all know.

I alos put my +1000000 for a new , well thought and crafted SL avatar, that could live beside the old one as an option.


Gwyneth Llewelyn

Aww excellent article, Iris! I've passed it along to an acquaintance who is doing her academic research in this area...

Momoko Pekli

There is another underlying issue with body shapes. Some shape settings will:-
- turn straight lines into wavy lines, especially boob settings that are high or low.
- stretch textures on womens' boobs
- stretch textures for men. Many male shapes have such wide shoulders and narrow hips that very little will look good.
- hide shoulder detail if the shoulders are narrow.
- distort the waist if the hips are too high or low

Archie Lukas

Very interesting

i'm afraid what really bugs me is the hexagonal boobs and other polgon shapes instead of curves in SL

Time to update the tech behind the avatar
well overdue

Christina George

This might be old today more of the high script and complexity but if the outfit is rigged right. But since bom is now well I feel people should learn the alpha system right.

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