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Thursday, November 26, 2009


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nexus burbclave

Happy Thanksgiving. That is wonderful news. She has a great gift for finding reminders of why I continue to stick around. I look forward to reading her first article.

Opensource Obscure


Suzanne Aurilio/SL Aurili Oh

Great idea!

Juko Tempel

yay! all seeing.. all knowing.. must be the glasses! lol can't wait!


I wonder why after having said she will never blog again this non art marvern has again returned to give us her non arts view and biased uninformed clap trap has returned. Really Hamlet you can not call this woman an art marvern, it's nothing short of insulting to the arts in any life. This is one of the reasons that second life arts is not taken seriously. When those who push themselves forwards to represent the arts having no basis to which to bind a qulifucation that would stand up in real life - it serves only to make Miss Tizzy a laughing sock.

BumbleParx in SL

Great to see Bettina back, loved her blog and now making this one even more must view than it already was!

Earth Primbee

The great thing about art is the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've always beheld great beauty in Bettina's finds. The fact she wants to continue sharing her discoveries is a good thing all around. Cheers on this new colaboration!

Bryn Oh

And what exactly are you doing to promote second life artists Henry? anything? Bettina has been tirelessly showcasing the second life art for years now. Please put up a link to your site.

Bettina Tizzy

Hamlet, thank YOU and happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've seriously missed blogging but couldn't keep up the NPIRL blog and do all the other things I want to do at this time. Having this forum to communicate to a much broader audience on a monthly basis will be a pleasure. I'm preparing for my first post even now.

Henry, a maven is, by definition, an appreciator, and oh boy, do I appreciate and value the intensely beautiful, interesting and often groundbreaking works of so many virtual artists.

Thank you, all of you, for the warm welcome. I'll do my best. I promise.

Chimera Cosmos

Welcome back Bettina! This is the perfect solution for everyone. We get to continue reading your great commentary, and you get a bit more sanity in your busy life. :-)

HeadBurro antfarm

Great news! WB Bett :)

soror nishi

Bettina, great news !!!

Henry you are a fool.

Hamlet Au

Henry, I never called Bettina a "marvern", which isn't a word I'm familiar with. This post is about Bettina the SL art *maven*, because in my six years of writing about Second Life, no other person has done more to create and bind together a community of great content creators, and bring the very best artists (who often would otherwise remain obscure) to light. But since you don't seem interested in being civil, perhaps you could better discuss Bettina's non "marvern" status on another blog where different definitions of civility and the English language apply?

Lyric Lundquist

yay for bettina! i am THRILLED.

Corcosman Voom

Art Marven....that would be a good avatar name...or at least a good tag. Sort of reminds you of Marvin The Martian.

Valentina Kendal

/me breaths a sigh of relief

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