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Friday, November 13, 2009


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Claus Uriza

Hamlet, somehow its surprising Denmark w. its 5 mill. population is included in the pie with 1%

Surprising since next to nothing coverage in media and if any VERY badly informed journos still telling SL is totally dead and out.


I come from Hong Kong and staying in SL crossing the third years. I also spot out the spending percentage is such high when comparing to the SL resident number here. Actually, it is really very very few HK resident in SL. And I suspect 90% of them actually freebie lover. The high transaction rate may not truly reflect the consumption amount in SL by resident. Some technical money transaction existing in SL between resident's alt accounts. This may be a misleading factor.

Archie Lukas

I'm surprised

The Germans outnumber the Americans in active users; yet they are way below the US in expenditure.

Are the Germans the new Scots?
(mean with cash)

Quaintly Tuqiri

Thanks for posting this, Hamlet! I'm still looking for other Malaysians. In nearly 2 years in SL I've only met one other Malaysian... how is it that we can account for 4% of SL spenders!

Jura Shepherd

I don't know how First Meta's card works but if there were Linden gift cards, I think people would buy them. I have rl friends who don't care anything about SL but would buy me a gift card because they know I do.

/me points to holidays on calendar

Ciaran Laval

That 4% for Malaysia, it's nearly all Quaintly, I'm telling ya, I've been shopping with her!

Pixel Dunst

just a wild guess ... could it be that Chinese and other south east asian countries pop up as Hongkong-nese or Malaysian because of the only 2 internet server locations that connect them to the world?

Nyoko Salome

:0 interesting - it'd be interesting to compare a) country total rl pop to b) sl by-country pop, then to c) the provided spending per-country percentages...

Quaintly Tuqiri

Ciaran! Lies! Lies! *sues for libel*

@Pixel - I think they go by IP address, although I'm not sure...

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