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Monday, November 02, 2009


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Nightbird Glineux

Hmm. Will this work with the new Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch?

Nightbird Glineux

(After RTFA *blush*) So it's for their own hardware.

Never mind...

jjccc coronet

use a 360 xbox controller its way more smoother and much more fun


some other "Immersive Touch" based work you may find interesting for collaborative learning:


Metacam Oh

Using a touch screen to maneuver an avatar just doesn't seem natural.


So guys will be able to get a different arm workout. Awesome!

Looks cool. A long ways to go before we will be building like a symphony conductor. But it will be cool when we get there.

Archie Lukas

Isn't that just Win 7
and a touch screen?

Nothing really new then

JeanRicard Broek

Now certainly Google Warehouse is not SL but........

From: http://worldcadaccess.typepad.com/blog/ First screen shot: NaviCAD simulated on the iPad

1. Apple third-party developers don't have iPads yet, but they can run their software on the software iPad simulator.

2. NaviCAD displays 3D models from the Google 3D Warehouse on the iPhone right now.

Take a look:

I believe Linden Lab will miss a "window of opportunity" if they do not have some version of SL 2.0 working on the iPad soon.


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