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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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I used to be into AI pretty heavy. Reading AI Expert magazine was great. Bet you won't find many people around that remember that magazine. The question is why.


They should definitely buy the Albion Castle for the company.

Sioban McMahon

My first thought was that he was teaming up with Stroker, or going in direct competition with him.

Arcadia Codesmith

You have to live in San Francisco to work there? Meatspace? How very quaint.

Crap Mariner

Instead of posting information about what the company has to offer potential clients and customers, the site tells people to talk to them to find out.

How arrogant of him.

Looks like the first ego that needs to get destroyed is Phil's.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia

If you think the name "Second Life" sends the wrong message to we boring academics and the be-suited clients from cubicle land, imagine a pitch like this:

"We at Love Machine are building an artificial intelligence! Just for your firm, your own Love Machine!"

Visions of sexbots dance through our heads. Still, I wish Phillip Rosedale well. I admire visionaries like him; he seems to be a genuinely nice fellow who wants to do good.

It would be more fun, of course, were he a megalomaniac in the Steve Jobs / Henry Ford mold of brilliant American crackpots who changed the world.

So right now I'm singing, "I'm just a Love Machine and I won't work for nobody but you!" (funk reference from the early 70s, ya'll).

I bet that's on the sign in Sharpie.

Phoenix Psaltery

The Love Machine is SO 2005.

And yeah, Arcadia, seems like the antithesis of what King Philip has been promoting for all these years to discriminate against those of us who want to work virtually.



Another cult from California. Whoopie!


This is quite the odd predicament indeed.

Brings teledildonics to a whole new level.

I don't know if we really need that level though.


I can't believe people are bitching about the 'must be able to work in San Francisco' thing. How are you supposed to be an effective executive assistant without actually physically being there?

Wah, real jobs are real. Sometimes life occurs outside the metaverse.

Arcadia Codesmith

"How are you supposed to be an effective executive assistant without actually physically being there?"

Unless you expect an executive assistant to be maid, concierge and barrista, there's nothing especially compelling about the position (in this century, at least) that requires physical presence in a particular location. If you do need a physical representation in the office space, a robot would serve. Barring the availability of such, substitute a temp or intern... or if your thinking is solidly wedged in the last century, an off-duty pole dancer.

EA is the cream of the clerical crop. If you want a great one (and a great one is a HUGE boost to an executive's performance), you'll be paying top dollar, possibly more than for your entry-level professionals. At that grade, if you're using her (or him) to handle filing and collate reports, you're wasting money.

I know an EA who works from home part of the time, and she's so much more productive, efficient and effective from home that her company is expanding her options to do so, with the (admittedly vague at this point) potential to do it full-time.

Welcome to the future. Who needs a jet car when you have a five second commute to your home office?


'If you do need a physical representation in the office space, a robot would serve.'

Until Philip ponies up on the AI, that's not going to happen. Wanting a human for this position isn't discrimination. It's just wanting a warm body in a position.

Arcadia Codesmith

And as I pointed out, you can proxy a drone to do any physical movement of paper or other materials, whether that drone is mechanical or a starving college student. Even EAs tethered to a physical location usually have some subordinate clerical support to handle routine tasks.

AWM Mars

This have anything to do with the theft of the sexgen beds in SL.... someone scarpering with the ill gotten gains to make loads of dosh?

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