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Thursday, November 05, 2009


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Holy double unclean Moly!

Interesting case. Hopefully, whatever the outcome, dynamic shadows will still be on the menu.

GoSpeed Racer

So Stroker has unclean hands because his products help others pleasure themselves?

Sioban McMahon

The interesting thing about "unclean hands" is that Linden Labs is the literal god of Second Life. They potentially have all kinds of records of activities, or can lead you to think they do. It doesn't seem realistic that they save some of the metaverse info after a certain point, but with something like "unclean hands" they can make someone worry about what might still be stored somewhere. Want to sue us? Let's see what we have on these stored records....


Linden Lab cannot have 'stored records', it would mean LL was breaking laws - and not just privacy ones. LL claim 'safe harbor' status under the ISP laws which means they cannot be held directly responsible for any content carried on their networks. To qualify for this they can have NO prior knowledge of any material on said networks. In other words they cannot monitor conversations or content because if it was proved that this was possible they would be in breach of the safe harbor conditions and instantly open to all sorts of litigation. Ironically, this position might help LL in their defence of the case against them.

DagnyT Dagger


I'm not so sure about that. If they do NOT monitor conversations and content, then why would they be against the Emerald viewer being able to encrypt IMs? You can't convince me that anything you say or do or create in SL is not recorded and stored by LL somewhere, easily accessible should they want to pull it out.

Arcadia Codesmith

"take extra care to be civil"

*deep breath*

Linden Labs -- settle this. Now. They're right, you're wrong. Sit down at the table and hammer out an agreement, then make it happen. The sooner you do this, the more you'll save in legal fees.

soror nishi

so....dirty hands is just more soap?

Ari Blackthorne

I'm no attorney either, but from what I understand of the lawsuit, what I've seen and my understanding of how the grid (and computer networking and systems in general) all work...

I side with Linden Lab on this one.

Gentleman's bet, anyone?


@ DagnyT

My guess would be that LL are opposed to encryption in Emerald because it would prevent them from monitoring or recording conversations when required to do so by law-enforcement agencies. Presumably they're obliged to assist law enforcement investigating crimes by intercepting specified communications (legally I think it's the only time they're permitted to do it under 'safe harbor') and encrypted communications would mean they couldn't. But that's my guess - I'll check with a lawyer friend and see what he says...

Jumpman Lane

tardy! hamlet lmao!


Linden Labs has been handling stolen content crappy right from the beginning. The issue has been raised by many creators, and many meetings they have heard excuses and avoidance. Linden Labs has been able to remove malicious content based on the UUID for long, like malicious content and scripts, yet claim it is tecnically "hard" to do the same for stolen content. Freebie shops & resell shops are half filled with stolen content and it's only getting worse. Linden Labs is not doing enough to help creators. Its good Stroker started this lawsuit, Linden Labs needs a push to start doing something about this.

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