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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


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Tymmerie Thorne

Jerremy Darwin is hot inside and out. He is handsome, smart, funny, does a lot for new players (Starting Point new resident dorms), builds, hosts parties and puts up with me.

Tymmerie Thorne

Here is a pic: http://www.girlwonderspeaks.com/2009/10/jerremy-on-job.html

Sarra Foggarty

Aldwyn Zanibar,Carson Koenkamp, Jerremy Darwin, Kamian Trescothick My votes. I saw alot of other people I have met in passing but, man why is choosing so hard!

Rylan Carling

Cole Kaestner: charming, witty, flirt; sexy as all hell...rawr!



<3....he is delicious on the inside and out!

Alicia Chenaux

Skyhawke Sodwind - Even if he weren't my best friend's husband, I'd still throw his name in there. Although he's normally quiet, he's got an amazing sense of humor and does some of THE best photography [RL and SL] that I've ever seen. And yeah, he's pretty damn hot.

Shiryu Musashi - From our first conversation, I knew we'd be friends! His passion for designing in SL is a joy to watch. And it doesn't hurt that I find him completely handsome, inside and out. :)

Gahum Riptide - He's just completely awesome, in addition to being hot. He amazes me constantly with his knowledge of things that I would never think twice about, and he makes me laugh. :)

And 3 guys that I've only recently gotten to know but I think they are awesome & should be included: Cole Kastener, Twisted Vendetta, and Justice Bulloch. The more I get to know them, the more I like them, and I think any of them would be worthy of being named SL'S Hottest Male Avatar.

Savannah Ducatillon

Justice Bulloch should definitely be included in the top nominees for the hottest male avatar.

Justice is a genuine soul. He is always willing to help those in need (carry shopping bags, open jars & kill bugs) as well as lend an ear when you need to vent, or a shoulder to cry on. He has a big heart, and is a wonderful friend to many.

Justice, is fondly known as "J"; he is a DJ in SL, and is a long-time employee of Hooters & Shooters, on the Caribbean City sim, where he started as a male dancer in 2007.

Justice rocks!

Trinity Dechou

I'd have to say Teeple Linden, RH Engel, Dancien Graves, Khamudy Mannonen & Trace Osterham.

Fogwoman Gray

I am rather surprised to see no names from my list? Is that due to the fact that I was the only one who nominated them? Or did it arrive too late?

Isabeau Reinard

Just from the guys on the list whose names I recognize, these are my votes:

* Bronson Twine
* Dancien Graves
* Morrigan Denimore
* Recidivist Sideways
* Roblem Hogarth
* Trace Osterham
* Winter Jefferson

I don't think I could pick just one if I tried.

Rylan Carling

Aldwyn Zanzibar - there isn't enough I can say about this man. He is amazingly HOT, hilarious, caring...a woman's fantasy come true!


stella semaphore

Laika Saintlouis is one hot piece of male pixels!

Isabeau Reinard

BTW Prad Prathivi was nominated in the comments from the nomination post, but hasn't made it onto this list. Was than an oversight, or can you not win 2 years in a row?


Winter Jefferson, Morrigan Denimore, Pilz Redgrave, and Vaalith Jinn!

Arwyn Quandry

Of all those names, my three favorite hot bits of manhood are...

Cutter Klopek
CK Winx
Shiryu Musashi

Wheathering Mode

I am personally outraged that I am not on this list >;[

Sophia Harlow

Skyhawke Sodwind...the most amazing and gorgeous human being I know in every life. <3

Katey Coppola

CK Winx
I have never known a person like CK before, who spends so much time and energy helping those around him, who is such a good and sweet person, who does so much and expects nothing in return. I'm literally getting emotional just trying to write down how amazing CK is. If you know him, you are BLESSED and I hope you appreciate how lucky you are. I honestly love him so, so much.

Kaz Nayar
Kaz is such a sweet guy, he is pixelly delicious and he's so hardworking and talented with it. He's been such a good friend to the people he comes into contact with, he's like the best kept secret when it comes to hawt males. So don't let him win, we'd like to keep him :P

Trace Osterham
One of the most positive, sweet, encouraging and supportive people I know. Trace deserves to win this for the NOH8 campaign alone, but if you don't think that's enough (pfft) then just look at the trail of great work, happy people and awesomeness he leaves in his wake.

Now, on the flip side...

Dancien Graves
Quite why someone who spends the majority of his time being overly critical of SL and its residents, telling people to get syph or die in a fire, and generally seeking to tear down the world he spends so much time existing in, all while doing it looking like a tribute to 2006, should win anything except a one way ticket to RL is beyond me.

Ryker Beck


The most amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented and charming man on the grid. Bar. None. :P

And here's a picture as proof. OM NOM NOM. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dionbracken/3420434490/

Arcane Delight

Jarl Soderstrom!

Jarl Soderstrom

Jarl Soderstrom!

Devine Hunt

That's a great list. If I had to pick a few (lol that's hard) I'd certianly go with Donald Feld and turlututu Chaffe. Donald has been the trendsetter amongst black males. He has a sultry look but still maintains a touch of class. tur simply has always kept an edge to his look and I swear I've been sent more pictures that I care to admit of him standing in GOL from admirers.

Gabe Bookmite

Jarl Soderstrom!
Lulu Jameson
Till Hapmouche
and Dion Bracken

are my top three

Khamudy Mannonen

I'd like Iris to consider a few people this year, although I'm not sure I can name ten. In no particular order:

Gahum Riptide - he's stylish, but his love of botany, linguistics and tastes in architecture are what he brings into SL.

Stokely Mayfair - I've only recently started following his lookbook blog on a regular basis, but I really enjoy his distinct sense of style and the effort he goes to to highlight obscure or less well known stores.

Zinc Karas - for his vibrant and creative artwork, showcased over on Flickr.

Ganymedes Costagravas - similar to Stokely, in that he's developed a very unique personal style and puts together some amazing outfits, but is also a skilled builder

Recidivist Sideways - Just for general achievement in the field of awesomeness.

RubyStarlight Writer

turlututu Chaffe has made me drool since the moment I saw his sexy pixels over a year ago. And is one of the few people who has the ability to make me nervous. So he gets my one vote. If I vote for more than one then I've got a bunch of people wondering why I didn't vote for them too. Sorry boys! :p


i definitely vote for lucas gerard not just because i am biased because he is my partner, but also because he is an amazing man. he has made my world a magical place, he can make just about anything, he is fun to talk to and very intelligent. and yes he is frigging hot as well.

Kimberly Mirabeau

Razor Medby because he's the sweetest guy ever... :)))

Stephen Venkman cuz he rocks!

Winter Jefferson because you just can't have a hot guy thing without a hot VAMP!

Dion Bracken.. because he's made one of my besties happy for a year :)

Tate Scribe

Lucas Gerard has to be included in the nominees, no question. It's a no brainer. If you've ever met him or his partner or done business with Luni, that alone would show you what I mean. Go Lucas!

Vanity Esparza

Trace Osterham and Khamudy Mannonen are most probably the most genuine people I know in sl so my votes are with them both not only that but they both have great style and great personality's and highly intelligent.

and dont forget Trace was the brains behind the noh8 sl campaign which was a huge success.

Morgana Hilra

Lol Aldwyn, Donald and Pilz.
lol hugs to all my other friends on that list but, those three just have that, omph!

Harper Beresford

I nominate Dex Minotaur for his warm heart, great style, and flirtatious ways. He's my favorite cowboy, on and off the grid.

Viscount Menatep, a genuinely wonderful man, comes in on that list too as well as Shiryu Musashi and Winter Jefferson (something about a vampire....).

Oh, and Stephen Venkman. Dayum, he's hot!

Sakura Sugarplum

I want to ask for Winter Jefferson his blog is on www.incoldbloodsl.blogspot.com but he looks too much like Phil Linden on his last post. Look at his Flicker instead. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/23953758@N05/ Its the year of the vampire anyway!

Jemma Bonne

My vote is for Barefoot Ballinger. His charm, witty repertoire, and ultra-sexy intelligence make him my pick. He is a true friend in every sense of the word. He listens when I need an ear, provides jokes when I need a laugh, and even teaches me plumbing skills when my RL toilet is broken! You can't beat that! :) Love you, Bare!

Shiryu Musashi

I reiterate my vote for RH Engel, because i like his looks a lot. Lollo String because when you hear him singing you WILL agree that he's hot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6Gu1mTTkG4
Also, Mainit Hellman, because he has an hot lady avatar too! :P

Nadia Felwitch

My votes most definetly go for two of the hottest guys in sl: Shiryu Musashi and Snake Kytori


I vote for Lollo String and Shiryu Musashi.

Pumpkin Saenz

Gauge Laville - for being a sarcastic prat with a huge heart as well as huge talent.

Morrigan Denimore - one of the sweetest, kindest and most gentlemanly dudes on SL. Chivalry isn't dead with him.

Kamian Trescothick - for being one of my favorite Aussies. He is silly, smart and just lots of fun.

Jazmine Deschanel

My votes are for Mainit Hellman and Kamian Trescothick.

Mainit Hellman:

Mainit is one of the most caring people you'll ever meet. He has a great sense of humor, is stylish and handsome. He's the definition of a good guy. He is also a very talented builder and an amazing friend/brother.

Kamian Trescothick:

Kamian is someone I knew would end up being a great friend. His personality truly shines and catches your eye. He goes out of his way if needed, to be there for his friends. One of the best listeners and advice givers I've met. Oh, I can't leave out that he's a talented builder as well.

Nadia Felwitch

forgot the why :) first Shiryu Musashi I could fill this page and more with reasons why he is the certainly the hottest male av but to simplify my response Shiryu not only has the looks but his charming personality and caring heart sets him apart from all the rest. His designing talent is none short of genius. He is just an amazing guy inside and out. Second Snake Kytori well I must say he has the wow factor when it comes to looks not to mention his great sense of humor and fun personality. Two Great guys all around.

Jemma Bonne

My vote is for Barefoot Ballinger. His charm, witty repertoire, and intelligence make him my pick. He listens when I need an ear, offers jokes when I need a laugh, and provides plumbing assistance in RL when my toilet needs fixing! Who can beat that? :D Love you, Bare!

Rebel Hope

I think RH Engel is the most amazing person and not just a killer looking avatar. He's worked so hard for five years to make a very high quality business here in SL and is a very giving and caring person on top of that. RH has donated endless amounts of money to RFL and other charities as well as donated his time and efforts for very good and worthy causes in SL.

He deserves some recognition for that hawtness of an avatar he has too. \o/

Rebel Hope

Rico Plisskin, not because he's my SL brother but because again, he's amazingly talented and a very giving and loving soul. Rico would give you his last M&M if you asked him for it. Through all his hard times he's always lifted his head and stood proud. He has been such a huge asset to second life with his talents and his compassion.

And he's a cutie pie!

Rebel Hope

Shiryu.....just because he's Italian and knows how to make a great suit.


Ravi Lorefield

Shouldn't there be pictures to go with the names because so far this is just a popularity contest not really a hot avatar one :/ But anywho hears my votes based on whose pictures I've seen:
Ajay Giano (cos i love him :D)
Stokely Mayfair
Riq Graves
Till Hapmouche


I cast my vote for Lucas Gerard


Rebel Hope

Forgot RH Engel's photo!



Carson Koenkamp
Galliano Boucher
Izzy Bereznyak
Jago Constantine
Kaz Nayar
Mikalis Karas
Riq Graves
Sabbian Paine
ssmariner Flossberg
Trace Osterham

Ironica Demonia

My vote goes to the most talented singer in sl, the italian Lollo String. Check him and you'll be agree with me.

Shelby Rasmuson

Well since the hottest male in SL is not on the list, I won't be voting...Bubbles Clawtooth!

Crap Mariner

In 97 basements across the world, shrill cracking voices cry for joy at once.



I can't believe I forgot Jarl Soderstrom - my sexy, naked neighbor!

Ryker Beck

OH! *AND*! I'd also like to second -

Gahum Riptide
CK Winx
Lucas Gerard
Stephen Venkman
Winter Jefferson
Twisted Vendetta
Trace Osterham
Dancien Graves
Mainit Hellman
and Dick Wiesel. :D

Luna Jubilee

Express Zenovka
He's the most generous and caring guy. Express takes the time, regardless of how busy he is, to help anyone and so rarely complains. Such a sweet guy - a true gem!
He is forever humble about his amazing talent. Its remarkable all the things he dreams up and creates effortlessly like ShopaholicFeed.com & SLDailyDeals.com just to name a few of his more well known products.



Recidivist Sideways again.


Eddi Haskell

I think that the evidence will speak for itself once people take a look at some of Jago Constantine's photos here. He is the most beautiful male avatar in Second Life.


Emerald Wynn


I late-nominate Hamlet!!!

OMGWTF Barbecue

Riq Graves once climbed a sculpted tree to save my prim kitten who had gotten stuck. He is also incredibly talented, and can Maya all these other guys into next week. Oh, and he's hot. Did I mention how hot he is? Sometimes I get so distracted by his stunning pixel visage that I lose track of time. So far it hasn't happened whilst driving, so I think I'm OK. He also does that thing you like.

In short, I'd just like to say that Riq Graves is the funniest, most talented and down to earth guy on this list.

Oh, and a vote for anyone else is a vote for communism.

This message is approved by the Foundation for Pixel Girls who Black Out While Looking at Pictures of Riq Graves.

Suti Capalini

My vote goes to Trace Osterham. Not only is his avi a total hottie, but he's probably one of the nicest, genuine people I've met in SL. And he's HYSTERICAL.

Stephanie Misfit

Gahum Riptide - it's not just about the attractive av, he's intelligent, charming and hilarious.

Winter Jefferson - hands down the hottest vampire on the grid, and a top bloke too.


I, and that monkeh over there, vote for Lucas Gerard, cuz he's muh daddy and totally awesomesauce!! (plus I dunno anyone else!! *lol*)

Lizbet Loening

Trace Osterham is an amazing artist and man who has done so much for the SL community- his NOH8 campaign was an inspiration. He gets my vote anyday!

SySy Chapman

My vote goes to Mainit Hellman coz he's hawt looking but also a sweetheart.

Another vote for my friend CK who's hawt as a dude AND a chick! :P woooooot

k done LMAO


Dex Minotaur has my vote!!

He's the HOTTEST man on the grid for many reasons. He has a great sense of humor and can make you laugh even on your worst days; he is charming, warm and a friend to hundreds of people in SL; he is extremely generous to newbies and often shares time and money to help them get started ~ I could sing his praises for a very long time. In addition to all of this, his avatar is drop-dead gorgeous! He has rugged manliness and boyish good looks all rolled into one sexy avi. YUMMY!! :))


Hamlet Au

Aw, Emerald, you're full of Wynn! But I know my avatar is fail. :(


I vote for Recidivist Sideways, Roblem Hogarth & Riq Graves!


I vote Mopsa "Virgil" Soon! RAWR


I vote for Mopsa 'Virgil' Soon and Recidivist Sideways!

SySy Chapman

omg i vote also for Shiryu Musashi! Didn't see him on the list at first!

For being an awesome friend, and the ONLY one i take snobby comments from *wink wink* LMAOOOOO
So, my third vote goes to Shiryu for being the awesome friend he is :)

Sarah Luchador

I think Skyhawke Sodwind should win it because he has to deal with that wife of his every single day, and that deserves SOME sort of award.

Delora Starbrook

I vote for Cutter Klopek, Winter Jefferson, and Zan Eldrich. These three are not only gorgeous as hell, they've all got fantastic personalities to top it off.

Sophia Harlow

LMAO! Trust me, I agree with you.


Krise Shepard for the win, that dude's got BING!

Zan Eldrich

Can't really vote for myself, but there's some sexy names up on that list. Personal preference goes to...

Alexi Dastardly!

Hot avie and a beautiful soul. And sexy, playful like you wouldn't believe, as many, many guys and girls would agree.


Harrison Lacombe! Not just because he's my best friend but he's smart, funny, helpful, sexy and he's just amazing all around.

Sapphire Coakes

Boe Cortes is the winner for me. He is one of the most generous, helpful, loving, caring and selfless people I know. He is also humble and modest and does not know how much he's worth. He's a good friend to many and a best friend to me. He's a talented artist and beautiful person. He deserves to win!

Sapphire Coakes


and so so funny too!!


*hides from Boe and Sheldon*


Carson Koenkamp!

His av is oh-so-easy on the eyes. But even more importantly, Carson is witty, thoughtful, funny, generous, caring, creative, passionate, modest... all these great things, and more, wrapped up in one person. :)

Oh, and he's *smart*! And there's blessed few things in this world hotter than a smart guy. <3


Kamian Trescothick is without a doubt the most awesome guy.

Wow, really?

Wow this is sad. this is how you know you need to log out and tend to your physical life.

Aside from these ridiculous fantasy-delusions, I really love this blog and all of the informative and up to date news. Cant get it anywhere else!

Kali Marville

Ooooh people.. this is quite plain and simple for me.. VENK VENK VENK! He is one of the most helpful, loving, caring, wonderful, real, imaginative interesting persons I know and besides that he has that avi that doesn't have the generic SL-Ken look, but is different. Unique.. inside and out, a wonderful delicious person to have around. So yeah: Stephen Venkman for me please!

charity richez

my vote for Stephen Venkman
generous helpful great all-round guy
and a great photographer too

Arcadia Codesmith

Go to a MrMulti Writer show. Listen. You're not going to get any bleeding-edge avante-garde media-stretching performance art, just good old-fashioned music, covers and originals, in an unpretentious voice that slips past your defenses and reverberates with a deeper reality.

I think that's pretty hot.


1. CK Winx ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/critikill/4170192261/ ) - not just because he is my partner, mostly because he is a wonderful person with a heart of gold and because he cares sooo much for the ppl around his SecondLife! And yeah .. his pixel are lickable hot! ;)

2. Kaz Nayar ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaznayar/3867505261/ )- because he has become such a good friend and hes so talented as designer and photographer. His Avi is able to let shit look FASHIONABLE!

3. Trace Osterham ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/altamodasl/4021735961/ )- Awesome Plurkbuddy, amazing Blogger and Photographer and sparkling star in our all SecondLife!

Yes, i think thats it! :D

Petra Paderborn

I vote for Virgil Soon ( Actually He's Mopsa Soon in SL, Virgil is a plurk title). Why? Not only is he hands down the hottest looking toon I've ever seen,hes the sweetest guy I've ever met RL or SL. Truely caring of all his friends male and female and would do anything in his power to help them out. Finally, the dude is a riot to know, never a day goes by that talking to him brings a laugh. Hot, Friendly, Funny, Amazing. Full on hotness, just skip to the chase and give him the title.

Bijoux Lefavre

No question, he is one of the most beautiful people in sl, inside and out. The man behind the screen has managed to make his avatar even hotter by being such a great person. And what a SEXYYYY av it is!

Zamira Beck

CK Winx,
No doubt about it, Not only does he have the hottest male avatar in sl, But he is also an great friend and a good person! ;'D

Stephen Venkman

I've been on the grid for almost 4 years now.. this is the first time I've been nominated and I just wanted to thank those who gave me a nod... Good luck to the nominees!!


Gauge Laville
Turlututu Chaffe
Stephen Venkman

They all make me utterly speechless!

Faye Kristan

Alexi Dastardly is a beautiful person inside and out, his heart is made of pure gold. To top it all off, he -is- the hottest male avatar ive ever been blessed to meet, and the real Alexi is just as fine. I vote Alexi wooo

Lune Avon

Alexi Dastardly. Delicious.


Alexi Dastardly
By far the hottest, and awsome a kickass roleplayer.

Alexi Dastardly

Rather than shamelessly plug myself, my vote goes to Zan Eldrich. Both because I'm bias, he's awesome, and I "so" rip off his taste in clothes.

Samara Cioc

/me drools for:
Izzy Bereznyak
severine Morrisey

Aida Ewing

M4ri1yn Magic, absolutely top
http://www.flickr.com/photos/m4ri1yn/4067870568/ <3

Ryce Skytower

I have to vote for Jago Constantine. Besides being a great guy, he is the best looking avatar in Second Life (well I was not nominated LOL). He is also incredibly nice to just about everyone he knows!

Malibu Flatley

There is only one choice in my book...... Dex Minotaur. He is not only easy on the eyes on the outside but makes you feel warm and toasty on the inside. He is funny.He is witty. He has a great sense of humor. He is an all around great guy. So if you passed by his name make sure you go back and take a closer look. A looker over and over, ladies.

Maika Moray

Marilyn Magic :Q_________

Mayden Ushimawa

Marylin Magic is the only one hot piece of male pixels!!

Mayden Ushimawa

Marylin Magic is my favorite!!


my vote for M4ri1yn Magic ^___^

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