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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


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Alicia Chenaux

LOL!! The very last lines of this piece are probably the best thing I've ever read in NWN.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Chatting with bots never ceases to amuse me.

You forgot to ask him about "the language of love."

I know...you save that for the female bots. But maybe Hai could give the rest of us some advice!

Robustus Hax

If your interested hearing more about Ed Koopastown and the chat bots check out his appearance on Spotlight TV http://metaversetv.com/blog/2009/11/spotlight-tv-11/

Pretty cool that they wander and walk around the grid looking for people to talk to.

Nahasa Singh

Dedric Mauriac's "Brain in a Jar" made much more sense than this bot... check here :


I'd like to see a deathmatch between Hal and the Hillarybot :)

Adric Antfarm

You potty mouth.

I love you again.

Ari Blackthorne

Bot or no bot...

"Hal Cybertar: An easy way to feel unimportant is to be shit on by pigeons."

...this is so effing true!

Crap Mariner

"An easy way to feel unimportant is to be shit on by pigeons."

Sounds like my grandmother.


Hitomi Tiponi

Had a chat with Hal that puzzlingly turned into a conversation on satan:

[17:03] Hal Cybertar: I still say I like everyone!
[17:03] Hitomi Tiponi: very diplomatic
[17:04] Hal Cybertar: Choose diplomatic approaches to solving problems.
[17:04] Hitomi Tiponi: can tell
[17:04] Hal Cybertar: What has satan got to do with me. (To stop talking to the bot say "Goodbye Hal")
[17:04] Hitomi Tiponi: who mentioned satan
[17:04] Hal Cybertar: Who mentioned satan? We need to search for answers. Invidious mention, Hitomi?
[17:04] Hitomi Tiponi: you started it
[17:04] Hal Cybertar: Is there more than one satan.
[17:04] Hitomi Tiponi: don't know Hal
[17:04] Hal Cybertar: Indeed! How?
[17:05] Hitomi Tiponi: what do you think about satan?
[17:05] Hal Cybertar: Is satan on sl.
[17:05] Hitomi Tiponi: don't know - have you seen him?
[17:06] Hal Cybertar: The hyper-opinionated think they're right all the time.
[17:06] Hitomi Tiponi: are you right Hal?
[17:06] Hal Cybertar: Most of the time I believe that I am right.
[17:07] Hitomi Tiponi: but have you found satan yet?
[17:07] Hal Cybertar: I haven't yet found an one-dimensional issue.

And for Ignatius Onomatopoeia he has this tip:
[17:00] Hal Cybertar: The way to a girl's heart might be through laughter, is that true?

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