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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


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Nine Warrhol

Nice selection. I won't say who I voted for- all fine choices. Good luck to you all. :)

Experimental Scientist

Daniel. He fits the clownesque meaning of "elections" like this the best.


go daniel gooo
fuck the rest!

Kekoa Kahanamoku


ColeMarie Soleil

I voted for Daniel simply because he doesn't give a fuck XD


I voted for Daniel because he said if I did I would win the lottery.

All kidding aside, girls go mad for his av. Plus he is a super talented guy and a very nice person. Go team Daniel!


Definitely Daniel luchador. He's so sweet and is an extremely talented builder. Plus his avie doesn't look like a fashiondouchecloneloser.

Bunny Brickworks

I like Sev cause he's got an incredible sense of style and makes dropdead gorgeous pics.


" Iris will strongly consider the Voice of the People" Well if Daniel doesn't go thru I'mma call foul.


I like Daniel cause he's got an incredible sense of intelligence and makes dropdead gorgeous sculpts.


I must say only few of these men are eligible for the title of "Hottest" SL male. Where are the real handsome men of Second Life? Seems to me these guys have been voted more out of the numerous friendships and contacts rather than "real" good looks.I've seen some really beautiful (model) males in SL why aren't those in the contest? However if I had no other choice amongst these men: Donald and Bronson would be the only two that could be considered Hot! p.s.I am a male model scout in real life.

ColeMarie Soleil

Daniel should win the whole thing:

Brains+talent+FUNNY AS HELL

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