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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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/me wonders why just a headshot?

Hamlet Au

Because we'll be putting their heads in a voting system. The 10 finalists will get the full spread, of course. :)

Crap Mariner

I'd agree that headshots were in order if this were Counterstrike.

Get. A. Grip.


Lizzie Lexington

I'm going to be a Negative Nancy but what's the point of "hottest male toon" again? LOL

HellSpawneD Xingjian

Barbie and Ken 2009! What, no furry avatars? Damn, I'm looking so sharp too...

Eugenia Burton

It's all a matter of perspective. I've never been in these and I'm pretty damn hot, if I do say so myself. I don't need a nomination to tell me that.

Leila Kalnoky

Where is Wil Dreadlow? I mean come on ....

Myf McMahon

Apropos of nothing, I always thought C K Winx was a girl.

Oh well, live and learn I suppose.

Mako Kungfu

Best of luck to all the contestants, but I really hope that this year's coverage is taken down a notch -- last year it seemed like every other NWN post was about this. Just one reader's opinion.


I like my men with talent and brains, not just some deadbeat slob who flaunts a pretty avatar.

1. Daniel Luchador...fantastic (and quirky) builder and scripter.

2. M4ri1yn Magic...skilled designer of Beauty Avatar

3. Rance Alva...contributing to SL a new hemisphere and frontier of flawless music.

4. Asami Schnyder...extremely talented artist who hand draws beautiful avatar portraits.

Nine Warrhol

Since I didnt make the cut (lol) I would like to nominate Riq Graves, simply because of his Reek brand of products & he seems like a nice guy.

-Riq Graves

Chenin Anabuki

Just a suggestion, it would be better to have one photographer take the headshots of all the finalists. That way, voters can compare and judge apples to apples. The image quality, lighting and perspective all contribute to the "hot" factor. I will be voting for Khamudy btw. :)


CK Winks was a female to my memory also.Beats me! I want to see good looks not clown avatars as semi-finalists. Besides is this a beauty contest? If so a hot guy should have good looks not brains or building skills (who cares LOL)! So much I owed. Next "Brain Contest" you can have clowns as semi-finalists!!! Not sure what this Hottest Male contest is all about. Dun see hot guys here!

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